June 1, 2023

10 Timeless Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

If you’re looking for a romantic engagement ring that is inspired by the past, here are 10 timeless ring designs that will never go out of style. Each one is a beautiful choice dating back to special eras that tell their own story.


Georgian Rings

During the 1700s up until 1830, the Georgian Period featured rings with faceted gemstones and natural themes including butterflies, flowers, scrolls and ribbons.


Victorian Rings

From the mid-1930s up until the start of the new century in 1900, Queen Victoria was in power and this period took on her name. The rings at this time were mostly ornate with scroll designs in gold settings. They also featured large colourful stones with smaller diamonds and a variety of cluster settings.


Early Victorian Engagement Rings

During the earlier part of the Victorian era the fashionable motifs found on the rings included love knots, snakes (as a sign of eternal love), crosses, flowers, clovers and angels. Diamonds, rubies, gold and pink topaz stones were all popular during this period.


Mid-Victorian Rings

During the middle of Queen Victoria’s reign, diamonds were used much more frequently. This is the era when diamonds were discovered in South Africa and huge amounts of gold were introduced into the marketplace from the California Gold Rush.


Late Victorian Vintage Rings

These rings were more lightweight compared to the rings produced during other time periods. This is when the solitaire became popular and platinum became a popular choice of metal for engagement rings.


Art Nouveau

At the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, all forms of jewelry became more artistic, depicting images of nature with fluid lines.


Edwardian Rings

At this point in time fine jewelry was being mass-produced and platinum remained popular. Platinum is a harder metal than gold and allows more intricate engraving. The engagement rings during this era had a dainty and lacy look to them.


Art Deco Timeless Rings

When the roaring 20s began, platinum was still the metal of choice for engagement rings. At this time, however, rings became more minimalist in appearance than they were previously and featured fine detailing and straight lines.


Retro Rings for an Engagement

From the mid-1930s up until the end of the 1940s, rings became bolder featuring an oversized appearance. This is also the time when the marquise cut and pear-shaped diamonds were introduced.


Gemstone Iconic Rings

Over the years a combination of gemstones and diamonds have become popular due to fashion statements made by Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy. Kate Middleton is also keeping this trend alive today.Find out more about vintage and antique timeless engagement rings by visiting Livia Diamonds at liviadiamonds.com. You can also call us anytime at 416-737-0050 if you have any questions about vintage rings or custom engagement rings. Livia Diamonds custom engagement rings, located in Toronto.

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