June 1, 2023

12 Engagement Ring Design Tips Of Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is only a few weeks away? Have all your Christmas shopping done? Yeah, me either! I am so busy designing beautiful custom engagement rings for my clients in Toronto that I am having trouble finding the time.But the good news is I will have some very happy customers come Christmas time when they pop the question with a one of a kind engagement ring. I can’t wait to hear the stories of how they proposed and how their love one reacted!Working on these engagement rings and with it being the holiday season has got me in the Christmas spirit, so I decided to put together some of the best advice for ring design.I present to you, the 12 engagement ring design tips of Christmas:

  1. Make it personal: Designing a custom engagement ring makes it more personal. It shows you put more thought into it and it shows how much you care.
  2. Add meaning: Add meaning to the ring by adding personalized design elements such as birthstones, symbols or assigning meaning to different parts of the ring.
  3. Don’t worry about trends: Trends come and go, but your engagement ring is forever.
  4. Get some inspiration first: Talk with friends and family, search around online to get some inspiration for ring design ideas you may want to include./li>
  5. Stick to the budget: Sticking to your budget can be tough. Know how much you want to spend, and stick to this number.
  6. Use your imagination: Great things come from the imagination. With a custom engagement ring, we can take your ideas and make them a reality. We love doing innovative ring designs.
  7. Don’t re-invent the wheel: If you are more on the conservative side, remember that custom doesn’t have to mean completely different. It can still have traditional ring elements – you just get to choose them and include them on your one of a kind ring.
  8. Keep the wedding band in mind: When customizing an engagement ring, many overlook how this will impact the rings fit with the wedding band. Make sure to account for this when designing the ring.
  9. Be open minded: Be open to new ideas as the design process plays out. You never know what you may be able to come up with.
  10. Be conscious of timelines: Custom engagement rings take time to create and design. Keep this in mind when you decide to choose this option.
  11. Do it together: Its becoming increasingly popular for couples to design an engagement ring in Toronto together. Don’t discount this idea – It can be fun and very rewarding. Plus, she’ll get exactly the ring she wants!
  12. Find a trusted jeweler in Toronto: We’ve got this one covered for you!

If you are interested in designing a custom engagement ring in Toronto, please contact us today to book your free one on one design consultation.

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