June 1, 2023

3 Reasons to Purchase a Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamonds provide customers the chance to look at different options when choosing a diamond. These types of diamonds offer the perfect balance of beauty and symbolism while at the same time addressing the responsibility we all have to care for the environment. You can do your part to make this planet a better place by reducing your carbon footprint and investing in lab grown diamond rings Toronto.What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?A lab grown diamond is a natural diamond, it's not fake like other limitations such as white sapphire and cubic zirconia. They aren’t artificial diamond rings Toronto. They are actual diamonds and are classed as Type-IIa diamonds, which are extremely rare. Only 1% to 2% of the diamonds in the world have this classification. Type-IIa diamonds are the largest and whitest diamonds in the world and include the ones found in the Crown Jewels.Lab diamonds are truly impressive due to the fabrication methods used to make them, which include chemical vapour deposition and growing them with a high-pressure in a high-temperature.3 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown DiamondsThere are many reasons why you should choose a lab grown diamond versus a mined diamond including the three listed below:1. Lower-PricedLab diamonds are much more affordable than diamonds that have come from a mine. While they are visually, optically, physically and chemically identical to diamonds that come from deep below the earth, they are extremely cost-effective. In fact, the price can be anywhere from 30% to 40% cheaper. The only difference that can be found is the inscription "Lab Grown", which is placed on the diamond girdle (the part that sticks out the most on the side), before being sent out to the market. The only way to read this marking is with a special tool that a gemologist would have.Overall, you will receive more value for the money when investing in a lab grown diamond.2. Better for the EnvironmentIt takes a lot of fossil fuel to extract diamonds in a mine and this is extremely damaging to the environment. As every year goes by, diamond mining becomes less and less sustainable. As well, a small portion of the diamond industry is connected to civil war and political upheaval in a few African countries. While most jewelers that are responsible for ethically-sourced diamonds make sure that they get their gems from places that do not have an association with these types of conflicts, lab diamonds come from a source that you know is not associated with these issues.Diamonds that are made in a lab are the best socially-responsible option for people that want a beautiful and real diamond.3. Same As Mined DiamondsA diamond that has been grown in a lab with a carat weight of more than .25 is sent to an independent laboratory for certification. This ensures the authenticity of the gem so that you know that you're getting a quality diamond. They are available in colourless varieties and in yellow and pink tones. A pink or yellow lab grown diamond can grow to be 4 carats while a colourless lab diamond can grow as big as 2.5 carats. As time moves on and the technology becomes even more advanced than it is now, it's expected that there will be more colours and sizes available in the future.Diamonds from a lab are also valued the same way as mined diamonds - according to the 4 C's, which include carat, clarity, colour and cut. You can rest assured that the lab-sourced diamond you choose will have the value you would expect in a comparable diamond that comes from the earth.You can purchase a valuable diamond that is exactly the same as a mined diamond to the naked eye that is certified and valued with the recognized and reliable 4 C's.Lab Diamond IndustryThe main purpose and focus of the industry is to develop applications that are high tech. Diamonds are developed not only to be used as gems for consumers but for the following:

  • Semiconductors
  • Devices for water purification
  • Laser lenses
  • Anvils
  • Surgical knives
  • Much more

When you buy a diamond that is laboratory sourced, you are helping out an industry that is on the cutting edge of production for diamonds that can be used in a number of different ways. When you make a purchase of a lab diamond you are directly funding the development and research efforts to advance the technology in the field for the future.The Purest Type of DiamondA diamond in its purest form has a classification of Type IIa, and these are stunningly beautiful. This Type IIa rating ensures that the diamond is entirely or almost free of impurities. Most of the Type IIa diamonds are colourless and are amongst the purest diamonds in the world. Lab Grown Diamond Rings TorontoLivia Diamond only works with Type IIa lab grown diamonds so you can expect to receive an exquisite lab diamond that will live up to your highest expectations. Find out more about creating the perfect custom-made engagement and wedding rings using lab grown diamonds by visiting liviadiamonds.com now.

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