June 1, 2023

6 Expert Tips to Properly Care for Your Diamond Ring

A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment and it is to be treasured for life. To ensure your ring stands the test of time and lasts as long as your love for each other, you need to properly care for and clean your ring to keep it looking its very best – the way it looked the day you popped the question and proposed!


Here is some must read advice for how to care for your precious engagement ring:

  1. Take it off: Caring for and protecting your engagement rings means that you will have to take it off sometimes. We know – you want to wear it at all times and never let it out of your sight, but there are some situations that warrant you taking it off. Take it off before you go to the gym or play sports, head outside to do some gardening and before doing some cleaning around the house. All of these situations increase the risk of you scratching or damaging your ring.
  2. Get it inspected: Having your ring inspected annually allows us to check the strength of the prongs, the setting, and the overall durability of your ring. It allows us to check your diamond for chips and other issues and it will give you the peace of mind in knowing it has been checked by a professional jeweler in Toronto.
  3. Follow the warranty instructions: When you purchase a diamond engagement ring or any other piece of jewellery from Livia Diamonds, you are given a warranty card. Following the warranty instructions ensures your ring is covered and it ensures you are protected from flaws or manufacturer’s defects.
  4. Get a safekeeping box: Whether you are hitting the gym, doing some cleaning or planning on leaving your ring at home when going on vacation, it’s important to have a safe place to put your ring when you take it off. Whether it’s a jewelry box, the box used for the proposal or a jewelry pouch, always put your engagement ring in the same place each time your remove it from your finger. This ensures that it doesn’t get misplaced.
  5. Get it cleaned regularly: Simple day to day actions such as cooking, putting lotion on your hands and washing your hands throughout the day can cause grime to build up on your ring, impacting your rings sparkle and lustre. Take your diamond ring in to get cleaned regularly to ensure potential residue doesn’t do permanent damage.
  6. Get it insured: Talking with your insurance company and ensuring your engagement ring is insured protects you if something should happen to your ring. Many insurers cover engagement rings under your home insurance policy. You can also take out a separate policy if you wish.


There is also some common sense “Don’ts” that you should avoid. Don’t:

  • Wear your engagement ring in the ocean
  • Remove your diamond ring in public places such as the gym, work, or even in your car
  • Use chemicals to clean your ring
  • Subject your ring to unnecessary wear and tear
  • Don’t overlook the importance of getting your ring cleaned and following warranty instructions

Take care of our diamond ring to ensure it is as beautiful, dazzling, and eye catching as the day when he proposed!


If you are shopping for an engagement ring in Toronto or are simply looking for a trusted jewelry to provide you with some advice for caring for your diamond ring, Livia Diamonds is your best option in the GTA. Visit us today!

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