June 1, 2023

A Beautiful Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

A few weeks ago, I posted on the Livia Diamonds Facebook page, a 3D CAD rendering of a custom diamond engagement ring I was designing for a client. It has a 1.35 carat pear shaped centre diamond with a double halo, the first halo being in pink diamonds and set in rose gold. It may be interesting for you to see how we take an engagement ring design from the concept to the 3D drawing to the finished product.First, I meet with my clients and we go through a discovery process so I can find out about what they had in mind, what type of rings they have seen and like, and sometimes they bring photos with them. As we walk through the process, I get to know them and their style, find out about their budget and we look at diamonds, diamond cuts, setting styles, metal types and we come up with a concept that I put into a 3D CAD rendering, as you can see in the photo.My clients get to see the rendering and confirm the ring design and from that rendering, I create the custom designed diamond engagement ring. My clients came to pick up this ring and they loved it so much they even sent me an email after they left thanking me for the beautiful custom engagement ring and the extra touch of personalization I added with their initials. When these clients first visited me, the bride-to-be picked out the pear shaped diamond she loved and we added the halo with the pink diamonds around the center stone. We also added a second layer of halo with white diamonds and a split shank setting. I wanted to make this ring even more personalized for them, so instead of using just a hollow or plain bottom, I added their initials to the under gallery for them at no extra cost.Purchasing an engagement ring is a milestone moment in your life as it marks the beginning of starting a family with the woman you love. I guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable diamond engagement ring » to get it right for her (and make you look good, while get down on one knee). All of our engagement rings are custom designed. I guarantee my work and provide you a lifetime warranty. Please accept my personal invitation to book your free design consultation here »

Yours truly,Aret

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