September 19, 2023

Using Alternative Gemstones for Custom Engagement Rings 2023

Alternative Gemstones in Custom Engagement Rings 2023


  • Introduction to the appeal of alternative gemstones for custom engagement rings.
  • Benefits of choosing alternative gemstones, including personalization, affordability, and ethics.
  • Mention of popular alternative gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and opals.
  • Emphasis on the unique and aesthetic variance offered by alternative gemstones.
  • Tips for choosing the right gemstone, considering durability and personal significance.
  • Importance of proper care and maintenance for custom rings with alternative gemstones.
  • Encouragement to consult professionals like Livia Diamonds for a unique and exquisite custom engagement ring.
Close up picture of a quartz centre stone and red garnet side stone ring.
Photo by Gary Yost from Unsplash

Are you looking for a classic, unique, meaningful and special engagement ring to celebrate the start of your lifetime commitment journey? Then why not consider the process of customizing an alternative gemstone in place of the traditional diamond as the center stone to make your love story, and own ring, even more extraordinary. Whether it's sapphire or turquoise – there are so many beautiful stones that you can choose from when creating a custom piece that speaks volumes! Plus, depending on what kind of jewelry design style you prefer, many accommodate both modern and vintage designs. Read on to learn more about the amazing selection of alternative gemstones available for custom engagement rings.

What are Alternative Gemstones to Diamond Engagement Rings Toronto?

Diamonds may be considered a timeless classic, but there are plenty of alternative gemstones that offer just as much beauty and uniqueness. From sapphires to opals to emeralds, these gems can be just as stunning as the traditional diamond. So why choose an alternative gemstone over a diamond? For one, it allows for more personalization and creativity in terms of design, of choosing a stone that represents a birth month or favorite color. Additionally, many alternative gemstones are more affordable than diamonds, allowing for more variety in jewelry options. Finally, choosing a stone over an alternative gemstone can also mean making a more ethical and sustainable choice, as diamonds have a problematic history in terms of the environment and labor practices. So if you're looking for something beyond the typical diamond ring or wedding bands, consider giving a stone or an alternative gemstone a chance.

The Different Types of Alternative Gemstones for Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings and their own wedding band, many couples are choosing alternative gemstones over traditional diamonds. From lab grown diamonds to vibrant sapphires to mystical moonstones, there are a wide variety of options available for those seeking a unique and personalized ring. One popular choice is the rich green emerald, known for its symbolism of love, life and prosperity. Another best choice is the striking ruby, which signifies passion and commitment. For a more whimsical touch, opals and pearls offer a dreamy, ethereal quality to wedding and engagement rings. With so many valuable and captivating gemstones to choose from, couples can find the perfect way to express their love and commitment in a way that feels true to them.

Close up picture of a pink sapphire diamond ring.
Photo by Sabrianna from Unsplash

The Benefits of Choosing an Alternative Gemstone for Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, diamonds may be the traditional choice, but have you considered the benefits of alternative gemstones? Not only do they offer unique and personalized options for wedding rings, but they can also be more affordable, ethical, and offer a range of colors and meanings. From sapphires to rubies, emeralds to opals, these alternative gems add a touch of individuality to your ring and can symbolize something special to you and your partner. Plus, they often have a lower impact on the environment and are a great way to support small-scale or fair-trade gemstone suppliers. So, why not break free from tradition and explore the world of alternative gemstones for your dream engagement ring?

Tips on Choosing the Right Alternative Gemstone for Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring, you may want to think beyond the traditional diamond. Alternative gemstones offer a unique and personalized touch to customize your ring, and there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from. Consider gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or even morganite for a pop of color. You can also opt for a birthstone or a gemstone that holds a special significance to you and your partner to create the perfect ring. Keep in mind the durability and hardness of the gemstone and consult with a reputable jeweler to explain every step of the custom design process and ensure the stone can withstand daily wear. With the right alternative gemstone, you can create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that reflects your individual style.

How to Care for Your Custom Engagement Ring with an Alternative Gemstone

If you're lucky enough to have a custom engagement ring featuring diamonds, rose gold, platinum or an alternative gemstone, it's important to take good care of it. Unlike traditional diamonds, alternative gemstones may require slightly different care to ensure they remain as brilliant as the day you first saw them. Firstly, remember to remove your custom rings when doing any physical activities, for instance, cleaning or using gym equipment. Secondly, it's essential to avoid any harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning your ring. The best way to keep your unique ring looking its best is through regular gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and a mild soap solution. By following these simple steps, your custom engagement ring will remain a beautiful and sentimental reminder of your love for years to come.

Overall, there are many benefits to exploring and choosing alternative gemstones or lab grown diamonds to create your custom engagement ring. Not only does it give you a unique and aesthetic variance from traditional diamonds, but also is cost-effective and an easier way to get the design that you desire in your custom ring. Of course looking for the right gemstone can be difficult, but consulting with us here at Livia Diamonds will give you the clarity of mind and confidence you need to make the right decision while working with you during the entire process. We have vast knowledge, professional expertise, full service, and a wide selection of gemstones available to help design and create your special custom engagement ring. So take the next step towards designing an exquisite jewel of your own by contacting us today.

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