June 20, 2023

Black Diamond Engagement Rings: A Trendy Alternative to the Classic Diamond Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, your mind may automatically go to classic diamond styles or the beautiful lab grown diamonds. But did you know there is a new alternative that has been gaining traction in recent years? Introducing black diamond engagement rings - with their edgy yet elegant designs and beautiful colors ranging from light charcoal to glossy jet-black, they are certainly something you should consider if you’re looking for an eye-catching piece of jewelry that will tell your partner just how special they really are. Read on as we discuss why these unique stones have become a popular choice for couples who want something more than just the traditional diamond ring.[caption id="attachment_2101" align="alignnone" width="300"]

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Unique Engagement Rings Toronto

If you're looking for a truly unique and stunning engagement ring, black diamonds are the perfect choice. Not only are black diamonds uncommon and eye-catching in their own right, but they also go beyond the traditional diamond to add a level of on-trend sophistication to your piece. Black diamond engagement rings provide a new twist on an old tradition, allowing you to show your beloved (or yourself, if you are purchasing your own engagement ring or piece of fine jewellery) that your love for them is anything but ordinary. Possibly the most sought after black diamonds are those cut into fancy shapes, from hearts and marquise to baguettes and more. Paired with white or rose gold settings, black diamond rings offer a striking shimmer that will capture anyone's attention no matter where it goes. Regardless if you are going to opt for the custom design process or prefer to shop around, finding black diamond engagement rings has never been easier - there are so many options out there in terms of clarity, carat size, shape and stone quality that it won't be hard to find one exactly suited to your taste! So why opt for a classic when you can make such an elegant statement with something as special as black diamonds? And when it comes time to pop the question - black diamonds don't disappoint, and are a beautiful addition to any piece of fine jewelry!

Black Diamond Custom Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, there's nothing quite as special as a black diamond. While they are relatively hard to find, these stunning stones make for an eye-catching addition to any proposal. From solitaire styles featuring a single black diamond set in a classic gold or silver band, to modern designs featuring multiple stones and intricate details - there is no shortage of black diamond engagement ring styles available. For added depth and brilliance, some engagement rings combine black diamonds with other gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds to make a truly unique custom ring. Meanwhile, vintage inspired designs often feature tiny glittering white diamonds framed around large black ones (also known as 'halo' settings). These are pieces of jewellery which are made with the finest craftsmanship for incredibly beautiful and unique engagement rings, and because they go with almost any style and countless other gemstones, most jewellers and customers agree they make for beautifully unique engagement rings.[caption id="attachment_2102" align="alignnone" width="300"]

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Photo by Poul Edward Erni on Unsplash[/caption]Black diamonds have long been seen as symbols of strength, elegance, and power. Their unique color and detail adds a level of sophistication to any style of jewellery or outfit. For these reasons, black diamonds have become increasingly popular, especially online, in recent years. The strong connotation of luxury and glamor associated with black diamonds make the stone a great choice for statement pieces that are sure to impress. From classic solitaire diamond wedding bands to eye-catching pendants, there are countless ways to incorporate black diamonds into your look. Furthermore, the timelessness of black diamonds makes them a great investment that is sure to leave an impact. Whether you're looking for something traditional or something more daring, there's sure to be a perfect black diamond engagement ring out there just waiting to say ‘I love you!’

How to Care for a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Owning a black diamond engagement ring is a special honor, but the black gems require some dedicated maintenance to ensure longevity. With proper care and cleaning, your black diamond will remain in its beautiful, eye-catching state for years to come. Simply wiping the black diamond with a soft cloth after each wearing can go a long way in helping keep it clean. A gentle solution of warm water and mild detergent should be used if necessary for heavier cleaning, followed by a thorough drying with cotton or microfiber cloths. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers that could scratch the surface of the black gemstone. Additionally, black diamonds must not be exposed to extreme temperatures or ultraViolet light which can cause discoloration and damage. Regularly inspect your black diamond’s setting and have any loose stones tightened as soon as possible to maintain secure placement in the band. Although black diamonds are made of extremely hard materials and are somewhat resistant to wear, implementing these little tips on caring for them will help preserve their beauty and maximize their impact for years to come.


Overall, with black diamond engagement rings, brides and grooms-to-be can enjoy the best of both worlds: their dream ring which is a timelessly elegant design that has withstood the test of time, yet stands out as something unique and different. By choosing a black diamond, couples can express their love for one another in a truly special way, without having to sacrifice style or sophistication. Plus, black diamonds offer an additional interest because of their rareness - these are typically harder to come by than other types of diamonds, so it makes the ring an even more meaningful symbol of your partner’s love. When choosing an engagement ring, black diamonds should definitely be one of your considerations as they combine beauty, style and uniqueness in a way that few other gemstones can match! If you’re interested in learning more about black diamond engagement rings, please contact us today. Our extremely knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you (either by walk-ins if you are in the downtown Toronto area or if you choose to book an appointment) with the entire process of finding the perfect ring for your special occasion, or will help you create the custom engagement ring of your dreams.

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