June 1, 2023

Custom Diamond Rings – Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Engagement Rings

Custom Diamond Rings – Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Engagement Rings

When you own an engagement ring, you’ll want to keep it as clean and sparkling as you can. The information we are going to provide pertains to both custom diamond rings as well as store-bought engagement rings. Your beautiful ring is probably subjected to a lot of wear and tear every day. This ring is with you all the time whether you're cleaning dishes or running errands.It doesn't take too long before the engagement ring starts to get grimy after coming into contact with a variety of products. When the glimmer is gone and the ring starts to look lifeless, it’s time to give your ring a good cleaning. Some of the indications to look for that can give you a clue that your ring needs cleaning include the following:

  • Discolouration that is visible
  • The shine is dull
  • It appears cloudy

When the diamond doesn't shine as it used to, don't panic. The diamond itself hasn't lost any of its shine, it's just hiding underneath the dirt. This dirt can be in the form of bacteria, oils and grime. All diamonds act as a magnet to oils and this includes the natural oil found on your skin. Oils and other dirt block out the light that gives the diamond its beautiful shine. The buildup of dirt on your ring will continue to get worse so you’ll want to be sure that you clean your ring properly on a regular basis.

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Custom Engagement Rings - How to Clean a Diamond Ring

It's important that you learn how to clean custom engagement rings properly whether they contain a diamond or another valuable gem. If you don't clean these rings properly, you could end up damaging them or just waste your time with a fruitless effort.There are 2 different ways to clean engagement rings including the following:

Both methods can be used on any types of stones including diamonds that appear in custom engagement rings.

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Soap and WaterThis method can be used on any type of gems or metals that may appear in an engagement ring. Get out a small bowl and fill it with a mix of gentle dishwashing soap and warm water. Soak your ring for approximately 30 minutes. Sometimes this will be enough to loosen the dirt and make your ring sparkle again. If not, there may be substances on it that are harder to remove such as lotions, makeup or hairspray. In this case, use a soft toothbrush to gently remove any remaining residue.After you have washed the ring it's time to rinse it out. Make sure that you put the drain cover over the drain when rinsing. It's also a good idea to empty the soapy bowl first and then rinse your ring over the bowl while the drain cover is secured in the drain. This will give you added protection against having the ring running down the drain.You may have to wash custom engagement rings twice. After the first rinse, examine the ring carefully. If it looks like there is still some grime on the ring, simply repeat the previous steps over again. Once the ring is clean, dry it up with a lint-free cloth.Chemical-Free Non-Abrasive SolutionThere are professional grade ring cleaning solutions available that don't contain any chemicals and are free of abrasives. These types of jewelry solutions will polish and restore all types of precious stones including diamonds along with gold and platinum and without damaging them. Be sure to check to make sure that the solutions don't contain any acetone, chlorine or bleach before making your purchase. These chemicals are strong and can cause a lot of damage.Professional Cleaning If your ring still doesn't look right to you, it's time to take it in to get it professionally cleaned. Many jewelry stores offer this service and, in most cases, it can be done in-store while you are waiting.

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How Often Should Your Engagement Ring Be Cleaned?To keep rings germ-free and looking their best, custom diamond rings and other engagement rings should be cleaned gently once every 2 weeks. It usually takes approximately 30 minutes to get the job done from start to finish. After it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried using a cloth that is lint-free, however, the engagement ring shouldn't be worn for 1 hour.A thorough cleaning with a jewelry solution should be done about once a month. Submerge the ring into the liquid for approximately 10 minutes and then dry it using a lint-free cloth. You should never allow any type of ring to remain submerged in water that contains soap or another solution for too long. You should also never scrub the ring too hard and if you're going to be working with harsh chemicals it's best to take your engagement ring off altogether.A professional cleaning should be done twice a year. You may have to pay for the service if you did not get a warranty that provides for free ring professional cleanings. Usually the price is reasonable for the cleaning and you can call around to find out where you can get the best price.When you follow these washing tips for custom engagement rings, you'll be able to get the most enjoyment out of your ring every day. Keep your ring looking its best by washing it regularly to keep it shiny and glimmering.

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