June 1, 2023

Engagement Rings In Toronto The Overwhelm


Another element of the engagement ring buying process that can be confusing is pricing. There can be two exact items with different pricing. You see, there are many factors to pricing. One of the biggest that is unpredictable is the jewellers’ situation including when they purchased the diamond and at what cost, their own inventory management and even their mood on any given day! Sad to say, but it’s true. There really isn’t one way to price jewellery. You should demand honesty, transparency and fairness.


It can be very tricky to find something that is unique to you in an environment where rings have already been made and ready to be sold. In that case, the store chooses the diamond for you and sets it in a ring that they’ve designed in stock sizes.With me, all of that is done one on one. I make things easy for you by tailoring every diamond and ring style decision around your needs and wants.I’ve decided to create this unique engagement ring design studio in downtown Toronto near the St. Lawrence Market area. The reason why is because…

  1. It is in close proximity to my workshop so I can get things done quickly, such as create your custom engagement ring.
  2. Many people that don’t live downtown Toronto, but rather in the GTA, come through downtown for work and play.
  3. It’s just a block away from Yonge and King St subway stop.

I really feel like this is my purpose – to help you create a meaningful engagement ring in Toronto, that you will love and cherish forever and represents your unique love story.Booking a private meeting with me is easy. Just pick a day on my calendar that works for you.I’m so humbled to have received the reviews that I have. Feel free to read what others have had to say.

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