June 1, 2023

Engagement Rings Oval Cut

Oval cut engagement rings are really making a comeback! They offer an option that is unique and different than the popular round brilliant diamond shape. The long shape of the diamond can help make your finger appear just a little longer.

The elongation of the shape is very elegant and was worn by Princess Diane. It can be a classic look but it can also be very modern. It all depends on what style of a ring you set it in. What’s great about the oval cut engagement ring is that it fits most styles and metals. For example, it works with a vintage piece with lots of detail and small diamond accents and a very modern, bold look with baguette side diamonds – or even as a solitaire engagement ring.

Another benefit of the oval diamond is how it can appear larger than its weight. Due to the length of the cut, a smaller diamond carat size can seem larger than it really is. An oval diamond is really a site to be seen with your own eyes. They are stunning!


The way that it sparkles differs from a round brilliant diamond simply due to the mathematics of the facets. The round is considered the most reflective diamond shape. The oval does not reflect as much, rather it spreads the “sparkle power” throughout the elongated shape of the diamond. More surface area, with slightly less sparkle. With all of this in mind, the “Cut” is very important with an oval cut diamond. So when you’re reviewing the 4C’s of a diamond, consider putting more importance in the cut.


One of the things that I enjoy most in life is giving a helping hand to a couple (or one of the two) starting a life together. It’s a special time you are embarking on and I’d be honoured to be someone you’d consider to help guide you and, together , create a engagement ring you’ll love to wear every day.

You can book an appointment with me here. I promise you I will respect your budget and work on your side throughout this.

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