June 1, 2023

Filigree Engagement Ring

There has been a recent trend of filigree engagement rings. They are beautifully, intricately designed and have been all the rage for the last few years. I particularly like them because it adds a level of sophistication to the design of your engagement ring.It is said that the style emerged from the art deco design era of the early 20th century. It makes sense that the filigree engagement ring became a symbol of love due to it’s effort in creation.Of course, if you decide to visit me we can work through what you like about filigree engagement rings and together we will create a meaningful design that you’ll love to wear everyday, for the rest of your life.As far as setting diamonds with filigree designed rings, there aren’t really any limitations that aren’t there with other designs. Of course, I always ensure that the structural integrity of the ring comes first.Buying an engagement ring, especially in a metropolitan city like Toronto, can be especially overwhelming. There are many options in the type of ring styles and plenty of jewellers to choose from. For more info on this check out a previous blog post – The Ultimate Resource For Buying An Engagement Ring in Toronto.

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