June 1, 2023

History of Engagement Rings

If you have been shopping for engagement rings Toronto you may have questioned the history of these rings and why they have become a symbol of eternal love. The history of engagement rings goes all the way back to ancient Egyptians and possibly earlier. Here is a rundown of the history of engagement rings and how they have evolved throughout the years.Ancient YearsArchaeologists have discovered the remains of Egyptians that were buried with metal wires circling around the ring fingers of their left hands. At that time, it was believed that a vein connected this finger to the heart. That is the earliest indication that a ring on the third finger was linked to love.Middle AgesThe first diamond ring recorded in history appeared in 1477 when Mary of Burgundy received a diamond ring with small diamonds on it creating the letter "M". Up until this time, in ancient Rome, women were provided with rings that were made of iron, bone, flint, copper or ivory to affirm obedience and mutual love or to confirm a business contract. During the Middle Ages there were also other precious gems placed into jewelry pieces and romantic sayings and poems were engraved on the ring bands.1500s to 1700sDuring this time Gimmel rings came onto the scene that featured 2 - 3 hoops that formed a single ring. The soon-to-be bride and groom would each wear one hoop up until the marriage ceremony and then these hoops would be reunited back into one single ring that the bride would wear during the marriage. In some cases, a silver ring was given for the engagement which would later be replaced at the marriage ceremony by a gold ring.Victorian EraDuring the 1800s, motifs like snakes, flowers, bows and hearts began to appear on engagement rings and near the end of this era it was more common to find diamonds on engagement rings.In 1880, the DeBeers Mining Company Mining Company was established in South Africa and when the Great Depression was over the slogan "A diamond is forever" was introduced. This created quite a stir and diamond engagement rings then became more popular than ever. The Tiffany Setting, which consists of six prongs that lift a diamond up to make it appear more brilliant, was also introduced by Tiffany & Co. during this time period.Edwardian EraEngagement diamond rings at this time became a part of the social norm with diamonds appearing often on ornate and thin platinum band designs. A popular stone design was the European cut, which remained in fashion into the 1930s.1940sIn the 1940s, fashion was quite minimalistic and this extended to engagement ring designs. Smaller stones were used and small hearts, bows, flowers and leaves were made with these small diamonds. Since platinum was harder to find because it had been used to make materials for the war, gold became much more popular. Cost-effective sapphire and ruby rings also became the rage for engagement rings and they were welcomed by individuals that were working on a budget.1950s - 1960sDuring the 1950s, stackable rings made with different metals were trending while in the 1960s shiny and bright diamonds were being sought out. Diamond engagement rings with simple silhouettes showcased the modern look of the day. Custom engagement rings were also being made for celebrities.1970s-1980sEngagement rings with more of a geometric cut became popular in the 1970s. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was given a ring with a marquise shape, which started a popular trend at the time. In the 1980s, another trend began when Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a beautiful sapphire, oval engagement ring.Recent DecadesDuring recent times, from the 1990s and onward, there have been small trends emerging but for the most part it has all come down to personal preference. There is a lot of information available about diamond engagement rings on the Internet and a wide variety of styles to choose from. Anyone that is looking for Toronto engagement rings can simply turn to the Internet to get ideas or to get inspiration for designing custom engagement rings.If you are in the market for diamond engagement rings Toronto and have a special style you love, we can help turn your vision into reality. Take a look at the designs we have created by visiting our website now at liviadiamonds.com.

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