June 1, 2023

How Important Is a Diamond Carat When Examining the 4C's for Engagement Rings Toronto?

How Important Is a Diamond Carat When Examining the 4C's for Engagement Rings Toronto?

If you haven't shopped for a diamond before, there are some terms that you will run into when looking for diamond engagement rings Toronto that you may not fully understand. The 4C's is one of these terms and refers to the cut, the colour, the clarity and the carat weight of the diamond. These are the determining aspects of a diamond but carat is often given the most importance by shoppers. While carat is definitely one of the determining factors when purchasing a diamond ring, it should not outweigh all the other key aspects of a diamond.Diamond Carat ExplainedThe carat of the diamond refers to the diamond weight. In terms of measurement, a metric carat weighs 200 mg. While this does relate to size, it does not mean that 2 diamond gemstones that are the same weight will look to be the same size. Engagement rings Toronto that have diamonds with different cuts can look much different in size. One diamond may look huge while the other looks a lot smaller in comparison.The diamond carat should never be the most important distinguishing factor when choosing a diamond. While you may feel that it is important to get at least a 1 carat diamond, the other C's listed above also play an important role in how the diamond will look. The carat of the diamond, however, will ultimately play an important role in the price you have to pay for diamond engagement rings Toronto.All things being equal, the higher the carat weight is, the more you will have to pay for engagement rings and wedding rings Toronto. Larger diamonds are harder to find on the earth and are quite popular. When all things aren't equal, however, the diamonds will have different values based on the quality of the other C's. If, for example, there are 2 diamonds that both weigh one carat and the clarity is better on one diamond than the other, the diamond with the higher clarity will be more valuable than the other.

Wedding Rings Toronto and Diamond Cuts

As mentioned earlier, how big the diamond appears to be all depends on the cut it has. There are so many different cuts of diamonds available that will influence how big the diamond appears to be. Look for diamond shapes that feature larger faces like round brilliant diamonds. The round brilliant cut tends to look bigger than other shapes based on the weight distribution.The quality of the cut also makes a huge difference when it comes to engagement and wedding rings Toronto. An example of this would be a well-cut diamond with a smaller carat looking bigger than a larger carat diamond with a poor cut. This is just one of the reasons why you must work with a quality jeweler if you are buying a pre-made ring or ordering custom diamond rings. The workmanship involved plays a large role in determining not only the overall appearance of the diamond but how big it looks as well.How Diamonds Are WeighedThe scales that jewelers use to weigh diamonds are highly calibrated to ensure accuracy. It is a very simple method to measure these diamonds since the stone simply needs to be placed on the proper scale and weighed.Understanding the Points System for CaratsMost buyers of engagement rings Toronto aren't aware of the points system used by jewelers for carat weight. It's helpful to know about this points system, however, before you start shopping just in case the term comes up in conversation. The system is based on the carat weight being equal to 100 and each point set as .01 of the carat. In other words, a diamond that has 90 points is a diamond that has a carat weight of .90.This gives jewelers a way to show the weight of diamonds that are quite small. By giving smaller diamonds a point value, different diamond engagement and wedding rings Toronto can be compared according to the size of the stone.How to Shop for the Best DiamondsNever ignore any of the 3C's when you are shopping for a diamond ring. You may end up sacrificing on value and appearance when you only concentrate on the diamond weight. You might purchase a diamond that doesn't have a lot of sparkle or brilliance with poor colour and many hidden inclusions. It's okay to look for a big diamond as long as you keep in mind that the other 3C's play an important part in determining the overall aesthetics and value of the diamond.One thing that you can do in order to save some money but still get a quality stone is to opt for a slightly smaller diamond that weighs less than a carat but has a great rating for the other 3C's. It can be difficult to determine the difference between a diamond that weighs 1 carat and one that is slightly smaller. It can make a huge difference though in the price point of engagement and wedding rings Toronto.

Custom Diamond Rings

If you are considering getting custom diamond rings designed, the information above will help you choose the right diamond for the ring. Just make sure that you are working with a reputable jeweler that is willing to answer any and all of the questions you may have regarding the diamond that will be put into your ring.Custom diamond rings give you the chance to choose the right diamond at the price point you can afford. Ask your jeweler about the different cuts and which one he would recommend based on the diamond size you can afford. As well, if there is a specific cut of diamond that you prefer, ask the jeweler about the size of diamond he would recommend to make the ring look its best.Also remember that if you can't afford the diamond you want you can ask for a smaller diamond and enhance it with small diamonds surrounding it or include other gems in the ring. When it comes to custom diamond rings, you'll have the freedom to choose the perfect ring for you.Learn more about custom diamond rings and engagement and wedding rings Toronto by visiting our website now at liviadiamonds.com.

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