June 1, 2023

Look for the Fire in Diamond Engagement Rings Toronto

Look for the Fire in Diamond Engagement Rings Toronto

We all know that diamonds should sparkle brightly and when you're on the hunt for diamond engagement rings Toronto you'll want to find the one with the shiniest diamond. There is a difference, however, between the amount of brilliance in a diamond and the fire it has. These two terms describe the way the diamond reflects light and you should be aware of the term "fire" and what it means before selecting your special ring.Diamond Fire in Engagement RingsThe fire in a diamond sends out colours in a flame-like fashion. The fire effect is produced when the white light hitting the diamond disperses into different colours of the rainbow when they reach the facets of the diamond. Facets are the angled cuts that you'd find in the stone.Diamond fire is an amazing, coloured sparkle and you'll see it when the stone is held under a source of light. The white light breaks down into a variety of different colours. The more facets the diamond has, the greater its ability to reflect light.What Is the Difference between Diamond Brilliance and Diamond Fire?When we talk about brilliance in terms of diamonds, it refers to the colourless light that you see coming from the stone. In contrast, fire is full of colour. Many people aren't even aware that a diamond can emit a rainbow of wonderful colours along with a beautiful colourless light.When you're looking at diamond engagement rings Toronto be sure to take note of both the fire and brilliance in the stone before making your final decision. A diamond with a high amount of brilliance and fire is really something to behold!What Is Scintillation?Scintillation is another term that you should be aware of when you're shopping for engagement rings. Scintillation refers to the light flashes that you notice when a diamond is moved under a light source. You'll need to move the diamond to see the amount of scintillation it offers. You won't notice this light if you hold the diamond still in your hand.Diamond Fire in Different Light SourcesAnother factor that directly affects the amount of brilliance and fire seen in a diamond is the sort of light that is reflecting off it. When you see diamond engagement rings Toronto displayed under glass in a jewelry store, you'll see that they sparkle brightly. The lights in the display case have been combined and arranged in a way that enhances the brilliance and the fire in the stones.It's important to take the diamond ring out of the glass display case and look at it in natural lighting to see its true brilliance and fire. Be aware, however, that the store may have coloured lights installed and they can also make the diamonds look more brilliant than they would appear in other lighting. If at all possible, take the diamond ring outside to see how it appears. This will give you a better indication of the amount of fire and brilliance you can expect from your diamond under normal circumstances.How Is Fire Created in a Diamond?In order to create fire in the diamond it must be cut with the ideal proportions so that the stone is able to reflect and bend light easily. This stone must first bend the light and then reflect it to maximize the brilliance and the fire in the stone.The cut is everything when it comes to creating a diamond with a lot of fire. If the proportions of the cut aren't made properly, the diamond will be less brilliant and fiery. This can happen if the diamond is cut either too deep or too shallow according to its size. If the proportions are off, the light won't be able to reflect back off of the stone and will simply leak out the bottom. This will make the diamond appear dull and lifeless.Diamond cuts are rated on a scale of poor to excellent by the Gemological Institute of America. The ratings are as follows:

  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Very good
  • Excellent

Look for diamonds that are rated good, very good or excellent and pass by any that are rated poor or fair.

Fire in Lab Grown Diamond Rings Toronto

When it comes to lab grown diamond rings Toronto, you can expect the stones to display the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics as diamonds that have been mined from the earth. Lab grown diamonds show the same sparkle, scintillation and fire as mined diamonds. A diamond that has been lab grown needs to be tested with specialized equipment to distinguish it from a diamond that has been mined.The same type of rules apply when shopping for lab grown diamond rings Toronto. Make sure that you look at them under normal lighting before making a purchase. You may want to consider getting a diamond that was created in a lab if you are on a tight budget since they cost less than mined diamonds but can contain just as much fire and brilliance.Which Diamond Shape Provides the Most Fire?Diamonds come in a variety of different shapes but the round brilliant cut, also known simply as the brilliant cut, offers the most fire when it has been cut properly. This diamond shape has 58 facets and while offering the most fire it also displays the most scintillation and brilliance when compared to any other diamond cut available.Diamond cutters have been making use of advanced theories based on the behaviour of light and use mathematical, precise calculations to make sure that the brilliance and the fire in the round shaped diamonds are optimized. When you're looking for maximum brilliance and fire, take a look at round brilliant mined or lab grown diamond rings Toronto first.

Fire in Custom Engagement Rings

The best way to make sure that you get the brilliant, fiery, scintillating diamond you want is to get a custom-made engagement ring. Custom engagement rings give you the flexibility to choose the exact diamond you want and you can create a unique design for the ring based on your diamond selection. Find out more about custom engagement rings in the Toronto area by visiting our website now at liviadiamonds.com.

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