June 1, 2023

Looking Ahead: Do You Need Both Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in 2022?

So you are starting the process of finding your perfect engagement ring and wedding band… congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times in any couple's lives, as you start the process of finding the perfect rings to symbolize your love and commitment to one another. But now that the process of finding your dream ring(s) has begun, you may find yourself having a lot of questions. Do you need a wedding band? Is it acceptable to only wear your diamond engagement ring, and opt-out of a wedding band altogether? Maybe you’re even wondering what the difference is between an engagement ring and a wedding band? Let’s take a look.

Are Wedding Bands the Same as Engagement Rings?

In simple terms: no. There is a vast difference between both rings, in terms of both tradition and look.Traditionally, wedding bands are either yellow gold or white gold, and is a plain band or maybe a custom ring with inlaid Diamonds. These bands are traditionally exchanged between partners during the vow ceremony at the wedding, and are then worn on the left hand for the rest of their lives together, as a visual symbol of their love for one another. The wedding band is generally less expensive than the engagement ring, regardless if it has inlaid Diamonds or not.Diamond engagement rings, however, are typically more grand than the wedding band, usually consisting of one large cut Diamond, and can be accompanied by various stones on either side. Many people choose to build a custom engagement ring, as custom engagement rings are becoming increasingly more popular. Many people are choosing to purchase their engagement rings in either rose gold, white gold or yellow gold custom design, as engagement rings are truly customizable. Unlike wedding bands, which are given at the wedding ceremony, engagement rings are typically given before or during the proposal.

Do You Need A Diamond Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?

Whether you need a Diamond engagement ring and a wedding band is up to each individual couple. Heading into 2022, some couples are choosing to only wear their Diamond engagement ring, while others are choosing to wear both rings.Traditionally, the majority of bride’s chose to wear their diamond engagement rings and wedding band together. This is a timeless look, so this option may be appealing to couple’s who are looking to follow tradition. The combination for this look is usually Diamond engagement rings, followed by a simple wedding band, usually in white gold or yellow gold.However, many brides who are looking for a modern twist are opting to only wear their engagement ring. Many modern brides are also choosing custom diamond engagement rings, and may spend more money on their engagement ring as they don’t need to buy a second ring. Overall, the decision is truly up to the couple, as there is no right or wrong way to showcase your love.

What Is The Process of Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring and Wedding Band?

finding the perfect diamond engagement ring in toronto

If you are starting the process of finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding band, you may find it overwhelming with all the collections and beautiful diamonds available today. In order to make the process fun and not daunting, it is important to bring the process back to the basics, and think about the following:Personal Style and Personal Touch: The first thing to think about when starting the process of finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding band is reflecting on your/your partner’s personal style, and figuring out the personal touch you may want to add to each ring. A great way to approach this is to buy something similar to their own jewelry. For example, if they prefer their diamonds in an oval cut, you should not buy anything in a round design. If you are planning on designing a custom engagement ring, you should also be reflecting if their style is minimalist or not. You will not want to buy an engagement ring with a coloured gemstone, when in fact they prefer a simple diamond.Ring Size: Once you have established the perfect ring, it is then time to find out the ring size you will need to buy. Once you have this information, you can then ensure you are purchasing the right size engagement ring for your loved one.Budget: Once you have established a personal style, the next part of the process is setting a combined budget for both the engagement ring and wedding band, if you choose to buy both. It is important to set a combined budget, as it will help you find both rings that are within your budget. Beyond this, it also helps set expectations by knowing what styles exactly are within your budget, and allows the flexibility of spending more money on one ring and less on the other if you have a combined total. If you are choosing to only purchase one ring, it is important to establish this budget as well.Find a Reputable Jewelry Store or Jeweler: The next step in the process is to find a reputable jewelry store, or jeweler, to start the process of looking for the perfect rings. This step is extremely important, as you need to know and trust the place or person you will be buying from and the quality of the ring(s) and Diamonds you will be purchasing.The Stacked Look: Once you have established the personal style and have set a budget, it is time to start shopping for the perfect engagement ring and wedding band! If you have chosen both an engagement ring and wedding band, then you need to think about how the rings will look when stacked together and desired carat size. You also must ensure both of the rings compliment each other. If you are creating a custom engagement ring, it will be easier to ensure the engagement ring and wedding band look great together, although there are many stunning rings that do not need to be customized to look great together.Purchase The Ring: The last part of the process is to then purchase the engagement ring and wedding band... how exciting! Once you have purchased the perfect engagement ring and wedding band, you can then start planning the perfect proposal.

Are Diamond Engagement Rings Supposed to be Worn With Wedding Bands?

Typically, if the bride chooses to have both pieces of jewelry, then yes, they are both worn together. However, this usually only occurs once the proposal has happened, and after the wedding ceremony. Before the wedding ceremony occurs, the engagement ring is worn alone, and then once the wedding ceremony happens both rings are worn together on the left hand.Traditionally in Western culture, both the engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the fourth finger, on the left hand. This is because historically, it was said that there is a vein in the fourth finger that runs directly to the heart. Talk about romantic!

How Can I Find The Perfect Engagement Ring in Downtown Toronto?

It is extremely important that regardless of where you buy your engagement ring from, that the jewelry store, or jeweler, is honest, knowledgeable, and understands what exactly it is that you’re looking for. Perhaps you are looking to design your own engagement ring, or prefer color Diamonds over other gems. Perhaps you have a specific cut Diamond in mind - whatever the case may be, you need to trust the people who are selling you your engagement ring.Many people find custom engagement ring shops online, book an appointment, and then start the process of finding their custom engagement ring with the jeweler or their team. At Livia Diamonds Toronto, this process is similar and you can rest assured you will be in good hands with high quality products and a knowledgeable jeweler with many years of experience. Once you book your appointment at Livia Diamonds, we will then work with you to discover your desired style, build your custom engagement ring, or help you find your dream ring. If you like a cushion cut diamond, princess cut, or just need to start at the basics of finding out your ring size, Livia Diamonds is a one stop shop for finding your perfect wedding rings.

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