June 1, 2023

Must-Know Tips for Buying Engagement Rings Toronto

Must-Know Tips for Buying Engagement Rings Toronto

It wasn't too long ago when choosing the right engagement ring was a simple process. These types of diamond rings were only available in yellow or white gold and with an emerald or princess cut. Nowadays there are many different features to consider when choosing engagement rings Toronto. To help you sort things out and to keep things simple, here are the most important tips you should know about choosing an engagement ring for your loved one.Size May Not MatterThe size of the engagement ring may be important or it may not be. This all depends on what you can afford and what your fiancé would like. Many soon-to-be spouses aren’t looking for a giant ring and, in many cases, a big ring will look awkward on a small hand. If size is important, you may have to compromise on the clarity or color if you are buying a mined diamond.If you need to get a ring with a big stone in it to satisfy your partner, you can also consider getting a lab-grown diamond. These diamonds are not mined from the earth but they have the same features and characteristics of diamonds that have been harvested in a mine. Showy, big rings are not trending like they used to be in the past. There isn't as much pressure to have a huge stone in engagement rings Toronto as there was before. The ring should be complementing the personal style of the individual and in many cases, this means that the engagement ring should be pretty yet subtle.Forget the TrendsWhat is trending this year for engagement rings Toronto may not be trending next year. This ring is a symbol of your eternal love so the odds are good that what is trending in 2021 won't be trending in 2030, 2040 etc. Think of what your future fiancé would like to have on her finger and forget all about the trends. This is a long-term investment so you don't have to worry about making an immediate fashion statement. Think of what she'll love the most during all of the future years you have together.It Doesn't Need to Be PerfectWhen you purchase a diamond, it will come with certificate gradings for the 4 Cs, which include the following:

The grading on the certificate should just be one of the deciding factors when choosing a diamond. The stone doesn't have to be perfect to be absolutely stunning. While it's good to know the gradings to make sure that you are getting value for your money, it should not be the ultimate determining factor when making a decision.

Two Tone Engagement Rings Toronto

If you're having a hard time making a choice between different metals for the band, think of two tone engagement rings Toronto. You can have the best of both worlds when you combine different metals and these are beautiful engagement rings that will definitely be appreciated by your partner.Consider the SettingThe setting will be the frame for your stone so consider it carefully. Think of the style that will best reflect the personality of your partner. The stone is only one factor when it comes to engagement rings Toronto. A beautiful stone that is placed in a setting that you really don't like will lose a lot of its appeal. The stone and the setting go hand-in-hand so keep this in mind when picking out the best engagement ring for your partner.Work with a Reputable JewelerIt's easy to order an engagement ring on the Internet but you need to be extremely careful. There are a lot of scams in place and the certificate grading that you receive may not be authentic. It's always best to work with a well-known jeweler that has an impeccable reputation since this is a big investment and you'll want to know that you're getting what you paid for.Custom-Made Engagement Rings in TorontoCreate your own statement for your loved one with custom-made engagement rings in Toronto. You'll be able to choose the design of the ring and the type of stones you want placed in it. You can ask your fiancé to work with you and the jeweler to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with matching wedding bands. There is no better way to express your love than by creating your own special ring that perfectly depicts your eternal love.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings Toronto

When you're working on a budget, lab grown diamond rings Toronto are the perfect choice. You can either get a bigger stone for your money or a lab grown diamond with higher gradings than a mined diamond. Only a professional with a trained eye will be able to tell the difference between a diamond that has been grown in a lab and one that has come from a mine. These diamonds have also been graded so you'll know exactly what you're buying.Choose Something Completely DifferentDon't be afraid to go out on a limb for something you really like. While diamond engagement rings Toronto are timeless and classic, there are many other stones that can be incorporated into a ring. You can skip the traditional settings and stones entirely and opt for something that suits your personality. You'll be able to find rings that are unusual but still retain a sleek and clean quality that will never go out of style.An engagement ring can be anything you want it to be. The sky is really the limit - especially when you consider getting a custom-made ring. Customized engagement rings are able to capture the love you have for one another in a physical form. It’s hard to find a factory-made ring that can do the same thing for you.At Livia Diamonds we can create-custom made rings that are one-of-a-kind creations including two tone engagement rings Toronto. No matter what your vision may be for an engagement ring, we can help bring it to life. Find out more about our custom-made Toronto engagement rings by visiting our website now at liviadiamonds.com.

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