June 1, 2023

Pavé Custom Diamond Rings from A-Z

If you have been looking through the wide selection of diamond engagement rings that are available you have probably come across the term "pavé". Pavé doesn't refer to the diamond itself or its cut but rather to the style of setting. In French, the word "pavé" means "pavement" and the setting looks like a road of diamonds. It looks like the ring has been paved with glorious diamonds!Pavé custom diamond rings are designed with this setting in a unique way that is personally customized for you. You'll have your choice between 3 different types of pavé settings, which include:

  • Pavé
  • Micro-pavé
  • Petite pavé

The difference between these pavé settings lies in the size of the prongs. The prongs are the small metal pieces that keep the diamonds in place. Petite pavé prongs are smaller in size than the micro prongs while the regular pavé prongs are the largest. All of these setting sizes are stunning and when you decide on pavé custom diamond rings you'll be able to choose the style you like the best.Which Pavé Setting Is Best for You?The type of settings that you should choose for pavé custom diamond rings all comes down to your personal preference. If you are going to be having a larger diamond as the centre of the ring, prongs that are more visible often accentuate it more. In general, however, the smaller petite prongs make the road of diamonds appear seamless. The micro prongs will show a small amount of metal but not nearly as much as the regular pavé setting.

Pavé Custom Engagement Rings Toronto

Pavé settings are often included in customized rings and are used in various ways. Often you'll see small diamonds accentuating a larger diamond in pavé custom engagement rings Toronto. They can also provide a halo effect, meaning that the smaller diamonds circle around the larger centre diamond. This provides a stunning look while also providing extra protection to the centre stone.This pavé setting can also be presented with diamond tiers along the width of the band or the line of stones may crisscross. A pavé custom wedding ring can also be designed to perfectly match the engagement ring.Types of Diamonds Used for Pavé Diamond Engagement RingsIn most cases round, brilliant diamonds are used for the pavé settings. Quite often you'll see smaller stones used to accentuate a bigger, centre diamond but this doesn't have to always be the case. You can choose to use larger diamonds in the pavé setting in order to create a ring with multiple carats. This type of look provides a bold statement but remember that when you choose smaller diamonds you can build more rows without bulking up the ring.Pairing Pavé Diamonds with GemstonesThe pavé setting doesn't have to have a large centre diamond in it to look gorgeous. You can use other types of gemstones in the setting or you can alternate between diamonds and gemstones. You can also choose a different type of gemstone to act as the focal point of the ring in the centre. This gives you a lot of freedom and you can create colourful patterns in a wide range of styles. It also gives you the flexibility to work within your budget by choosing stones that are more affordable.The Cost of Customized Pavé Setting Engagement and Wedding RingsPavé rings are available at different price points so there is no doubt that you'll be able to find one that you can afford. It's always best to decide ahead of time what your budget is for the ring so that the jewelry designer can let you know ahead of time what your options are. When you create your own custom-designed engagement ring you'll end up with a ring that you absolutely love at a price you can afford.These days many people are turning to custom-made rings for these reasons. When you choose a jeweler that specializes in custom-designed rings you'll be able to work together on the design to make it your very own. When you consider that you'll be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, it's an important point to consider. You don't have to settle for pre-manufactured rings that you'd find in a regular jewelry store.Pavé Eternity RingsAn eternity ring consists of diamonds that go all the way around the band. This forms a never-ending loop that represents eternity. You can use a pavé setting to create an eternity ring for either engagement or wedding rings. If you are looking for an engagement ring that clearly demonstrates that your love will last forever, you should be looking at eternity rings first.Why Choose Pavé Engagement Rings?A pavé setting gives your ring extra personality without creating a big distraction from the centre diamond. Pavé detailing can be added to just about any style of ring including 2-stone rings, halos, pear-shaped rings, princess cuts, solitaires and much more. Pavé is a classic design that you'll never get tired of. It will continue to sparkle for years due to the number of diamonds placed in the setting. The sparkle provided by the smaller stones will also highlight the brilliance of the centre stone. Overall, the beauty and the brilliance of the ring is spectacular.Pavé Settings versus Channel SettingsAlthough they are similar in appearance, there is a big difference between these 2 types of settings. Pavé settings have diamonds that are held in place with small prongs. Channel settings, on the other hand, involve creating a small channel in the band and then placing the diamonds in a row inside the channel. Pavé settings use round diamonds while channel settings can use a number of different diamond shapes including princess cut, round and others.

Engagement Ring Designer Toronto

If you are looking for a custom-made ring you’ll need to choose an engagement ring designer Toronto that is dedicated to creating a one-of-a-kind ring for you. You’ll play a large part in the ring design and you will both work together to create the perfect engagement ring. You’ll also be able to get a custom-crafted wedding ring designed that will accentuate the engagement ring and will fit perfectly with it. To schedule a free consultation please visit our site now at liviadiamonds.com.

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