June 1, 2023

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring The Popularity

In this video I talk about princess cut diamonds, why you’d choose, the popularity and the pricing.The princess cut diamond is best described as square. It’s a matter of taste as to whether you like the square look with its sharp 90 degree angles. It’s quite beautiful in person. It’s quite an accomplishment to create magnificent sparkle in the tiny corners of the diamond.


The princess cut is the second most popular diamond, behind the round brilliant cut, in engagement rings. It has been this way for a few decades now. It’s world wide ranking of 2nd most popular is consistent within Toronto.


Princess cut diamonds, everything being equal with the attributes of the diamond, are slightly less expensive than a round diamond. This could be due to an industry tradition when production of princess cut diamonds were increased.This beautiful cut really needs to be seen loose, outside of any setting, and in person to be truly appreciated.I set up a very easy to use booking tool online so you can pick a time that works for you. If you let me know you’d like to see a princess cut diamond I can prepare and have a couple to show you. I’ll show you under the microscrope and we can marvel at them together.Book here

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