June 1, 2023

Princess Cut Diamond Rings: The Perfect Engagement Ring

Perhaps one of the most desired engagement ring styles of 2022 are princess cut engagement rings! Maybe you have started looking at diamond engagement rings or wedding bands for yourself, or have started looking for your partner, and have come across this type of engagement ring but are wondering if this style is for you. There is a reason why princess cut engagement rings are so popular today - guaranteed you wont stop staring at your wedding rings if you choose this type of setting! Many celebrities today are choosing princess cut engagement rings, as they are the perfect diamond ring which effortlessly blends traditional design with a modern twist. Did you know that princess cut engagement rings dates back to the '60s? There is a reason why celebrities, royals, and influencers are all drawn to this type of engagement ring.

Let's Start with the Basics: What are Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

Princess cut engagement rings are typically diamond engagement rings in which the stone is square or rectangular in shape, with pointed corners as opposed to rounded edges. Typically, the loose diamonds have exact specifications which make it a perfect square or rectangle, or has a ratio in which gives the diamond an elongated square shape. This style of engagement ring has numerous facets on it, which gives the diamond ample opportunity for a beautiful sparkle. A princess cut is the perfect style to allow the beauty of the gemstones to truly shine while staying within budget. Because this style has so much sparkle, the certified loose diamonds that are chosen for the engagement ring do not need to be of the highest quality as the diamonds will shine beautifully due to all of the faucets. It should be noted that the clearer the diamond the greater the sparkle and shine, however this style of engagement ring allows for couples to choose from a wide selection of diamonds which matches their budget and the carat they are looking for. In addition to this, this style of ring allows for individuals to create their own custom engagement rings, ensuring that each and every person will get their perfect diamond ring which will last a lifetime.

What Type of Wedding Band Pairs well with a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

In short - any style of band! Because princess cut engagement rings are extremely unique and beautiful, many people are choosing to purchase wedding bands which are understated to let the sparkle and diamonds of the engagement ring to shine through. Depending on your preference, many people choose to buy their wedding band in either gold, yellow gold or silver, as these types of metals tend to best suit princess cut engagement rings.Depending on individual taste, many people choose to buy their wedding band from a reputable metal shop or jeweller who are able to provide advice on the type of metal that would best suit their engagement ring (such as yellow gold) and if they should include diamonds (such as wholesale diamonds) in their wedding bands. Some people include diamond or gemstone pieces in their bands, while others prefer the understated look and leave the gemstones out altogether. The beauty of princess cut engagement rings is that they look gorgeous regardless of what they are paired with!

What are "Prongs" and Does My Princess Cut Engagement Ring Need Some?

You may have heard of the term "prongs" as it relates to diamond rings, specifically princess cut engagement rings. In this instance, the term "prongs" refers to a small piece of metal that covers the edges of the diamond. Because the edges of a princess cut ring are generally square shape and sharper, it is important that the ring you are about to purchase has prongs covering the edges. This is so that if you bump your ring, snag it on something or hit it off of a surface, your diamond is less likely to chip or shatter and therefore will last a lifetime. If you go to an experienced jeweller, they should be extremely knowledgeable in ways to keep your ring safe; prongs should be included in this. They should be able to guide you through the entire process of purchasing your dream ring, ensuring they give you a large selection of options to choose from. Overall, make sure all of your princess cut diamond rings have prongs on them!

Do Diamonds Look Bigger in a Princess Cut Engagement Ring?

Yes - they can! In comparison to other style of rings, the surface area of princess cut rings may be smaller, however the length of the diamond can appear longer! Generally speaking, if you measure from corner to corner of the princess cut ring, the surface area of the diamond will be longer than other styles as princess cut rings are generally square or rectangular in shape. It should be noted that optics play a big part in wether the diamond looks bigger than other styles of rings. As stated above, prongs are extremely important when buying your ring, not only for the safety of your ring, but also for the optics. Prongs give the illusion that the diamond is bigger than it actually is, which means they also give you the best bang for your buck! Many people often choose princess cut diamonds for this reason alone - you can pay for a smaller diamond, without having to sacrifice cut, sparkle, or clarity and most importantly... size!Overall, princess cut engagement rings are a great option for those who are looking for an elegant and traditional engagement ring with a modern twist. This style of ring is on the top of many peoples wish list, and for good reason! Not only are they timeless, versatile, can be paired with anything, and are durable when properly taken care of, they are truly a one of a kind ring with endless options to be customized.If you are looking for loose diamonds for your dream princess cut ring, be sure to contact us today so we can help you with the process. Our experienced staff at our Toronto location will be happy to help you find your dream ring both you and your partner will be sure to love!

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