June 1, 2023

She Really Loves Hearts

I had a client named Jenna come in and see me a few weeks ago. She liked some specific Verragio engagement ring designs, but thought they were a bit too intricate and she wanted to tone it down a little bit. She loves hearts. She is really into heart shapes, so we decided to design a custom diamond engagement ring that was a little more toned down and incorporate a heart design element inside the ring. She loved the rose gold and white gold together, which meant the ring needs to be made in different parts and put together afterwards. It can be a little bit tricky, but we were able to pull it off and it came out just beautiful. I was able to do this for the same price of the Verragio ring setting, without the center stone. But, I was able to give her the center stone she wanted and actually make it a slightly less expensive than what Verragio sells their mounts for. By that I mean the (mount) ring without the center stone. Jenna basically was able to get the custom design look she loved at a much lower price, with the same quality, if not better.Purchasing an engagement ring is a milestone moment in your life as it marks the beginning of starting a family with the woman you love. I guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable diamond engagement ring » to get it right for her (and make you look good, while get down on one knee). All of our engagement rings are custom designed. I guarantee my work and provide you a lifetime warranty. Please accept my personal invitation to book your free design consultation here »Yours truly,Aret

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