June 1, 2023

The 4 Cs of High-Quality Diamonds - Livia Diamonds

The 4 Cs of High-Quality Diamonds - Livia Diamonds

Every diamond is unique in its own way and has its own value based on specific qualities. Up until the mid-20th century no universal standards had been put into place to judge the value of a diamond. This all changed when GIA put into place the first standards for describing diamonds, which went on to become a universally-accepted method for assessing a diamond’s quality.If you are looking for engagement rings in Toronto, you should understand the characteristics of diamonds and how experts determine the value of them. There are 4 distinguishing features of quality including the following:

  • Colour
  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity

ColourWhen valuating a diamond the colour, or rather the lack of colour, is taken into account. There is a scale that has been developed and it is based on measuring the absence of colour. A perfect diamond would have no hue, giving it more value. The scale developed for colour grading measures the lack of colour in a diamond and the stones are graded from D to Z.Most of the colour distinctions can't be seen by the untrained naked eye and the value is provided by an experienced valuator that looks at the diamond using specific viewing conditions under controlled lighting. A diamond with a "D" rating would be virtually colourless while a diamond with a "Z" rating would have a light colour. There is a sliding scale between D and Z and there would be more colour appearing in the diamond as you continue along the alphabet.CaratThe carat of a diamond is a measurement of its weight, which provides the apparent size of the diamond. A carat is 200 mg and each of these carats is then subdivided into one hundred different points. When done this way, a very precise measurement can be taken. For example, the weight of the diamond can be expressed in both carats and decimals so you may run across a diamond with a 1.05 carat measurement.In general, a diamond with a larger carat weight would cost more than one that weighs less. The price, however, depends on taking all of the 4 C's into account, so it is possible to have a diamond with a larger carat weight cost less than a smaller diamond if it has a higher rating in cut, clarity or colour.Diamond CutWe often think of the shape of the diamond as its cut such as a marquise, a heart or a round shape. When it comes to the cut valuation in terms of the 4 Cs, however, the diamond cut refers to the light interaction with the stone’s facets. A diamond must be fashioned so that it provides a wonderful return of light due to its symmetry, polish and proportions.The diamond cut is measured on a GIA scale, which ranges from excellent to poor. The best cut makes the diamond more valuable and beautiful. The GIA scale uses calculations of the facet proportions in order to evaluate what the best cut is for a diamond. This is done by observing the diamond’s interaction with light and the visual effects created. These visual effects include:Fire: White light scattering into all colours of the rainbowScintillation: The pattern of dark and light areas due to reflections and how much sparkle is produced by the diamond.Brightness: External and internal white light that the diamond is reflecting.The cut grading system is also based on the craftsmanship and the design of the diamond. This includes the thickness of the girdle, the facet arrangement symmetry, the polish quality on the facets and its diameter relative to its weight.Diamond Clarity The clarity of a diamond defines the blemishes and inclusions found in the diamond. Natural diamonds mined from the earth are created as a result of high pressure and heat, which is exposed to carbon. This is a miraculous process that leads to blemishes, which are external characteristics, and inclusions, which are the internal characteristics of a diamond.In order to properly valuate the clarity of a diamond these characteristics need to be considered according to position, nature, relief and size. It's also important to take into account how the overall appearance of the diamond is affected by the characteristics.The clarity scale is also a sliding scale that runs from flawless to included. While it may be argued that no diamond can be completely pure, a diamond under the GIA scale for clarity is considered to be flawless when no blemishes or inclusions are visible under a 10x magnification.

Buying an Engagement Ring in Toronto

It's important for anyone that is considering the purchase of engagement rings in Toronto or custom engagement rings Toronto to understand the basic fundamentals of the four Cs. As long as you are buying a real diamond, you can expect to receive a certificate with it that outlines the valuation of the diamond you are purchasing.

Custom Engagement Rings in Toronto

Now that you have some understanding of these different grading characteristics you'll be able to understand just how valuable the diamond you are buying really is. You'll also have a much better understanding of what you are buying and what the jeweler is explaining to you.A little knowledge can go a long way and nothing could be closer to the truth when you are buying an engagement ring in the GTA or are planning to get a custom-made engagement ring in Toronto. Know what you are buying and make your diamond purchase with certainty.Find out more about custom-made engagement rings Toronto by visiting our website at liviadiamonds.com. We can recommend the perfect diamond for your ring based on your budget and the size and quality you are looking for. We can also help you understand all of the characteristics that make up the diamond you buy. This way you can rest assured that you are getting the best value possible for your money and that your soon-to-be fiancé will be absolutely thrilled with the custom ring that you will be presenting.

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