June 1, 2023

Tips on Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

If you’re ready to pop the question but don’t know exactly how to get started with selecting the ring, here are some tips that can help. You’ll want to find the best ring possible within your budget that will make your bride ecstatic.


If you don’t know exactly how much money you can realistically budget for an Engagement Ring, it’s time to figure it out now before you go shopping. You’re sure to be tempted by different rings in various price ranges. If you have a budget in place, you’ll know ahead of time exactly how much you can spend and with a bit of self-control, you’ll be able to stay within that budget.


What shape do you want for the diamond? The answer is to look for a shape that you already know your soon-to-be fiancée would love. Ask her what shape she prefers or, if you want to keep it a surprise, ask one of your friends to ask her. You should also find out what type of setting she’d like. She may want a solitaire diamond that sparkles on its own or she may prefer a cluster. Take a look at the settings available and take note of the differences they make to the overall tone of the ring.When it’s time to decide on the band you’ll need to determine what type of metal you’d like. Platinum, white and yellow gold are all timeless metals for engagement rings. Platinum is the strongest choice and can last a lifetime.


If you want to offer a ring that she can put on her finger right away, find out what her Ring size is before making your purchase. The best way to determine the correct ring size is to take one of her rings into the jeweler with you so that the new ring can be sized properly. Make sure that you choose a ring to bring in that she currently wears and not one that she received in childhood that she has stowed away as a treasured memory.If you need help choosing the perfect ring, please give us a call here at Livia Diamonds at 416-737-0050 and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. We specialize in custom-made, vintage and antique engagement rings that are sure to please that special person in your life.

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