June 1, 2023

What Are the Predictions for Customised Engagement Ring Trends in 2021?

What Are the Predictions for Customised Engagement Ring Trends in 2021?

As we make our way through 2020 we are all looking forward to the hope that lives in 2021. As we move into a brand new year, many people will be getting engaged and married. A lot of couples have had to postpone their engagement and wedding plans while waiting for things to calm down with the pandemic. As we make our way closer to 2021, we are all excited to hear more about predictions for the new trends for engagement rings.While the 4 C's, which include colour, cut, clarity and carat are still an important part of choosing a diamond engagement ring, the style of rings that are trending are changing. More and more people are looking for something unique and this includes unusual settings and coloured stones. Here is a peek ahead at the new year and what we expect to see in terms of new trends.

Custom Engagement Rings

diamond engagement rings in Toronto

There is definitely a rising trend towards getting custom engagement rings made since they can be created in endless different ways. From classic solitaire rings all the way up to complex designs involving a variety of stones, anything can be crafted. The only thing limiting your choice of ring is your imagination.Custom rings can be made using the trends that are listed below or in a variety of different ways. There is freedom of choice when you get a customized ring made and freedom has become much more treasured this year than ever before.

Solitaire Custom Diamond Rings in Toronto

Solitaire Custom Diamond RingsSolitaires are back with a vengeance. Although they never really left the scene or went out of style, they have not been in the forefront for the last couple of years. They have been replaced with emerald cuts and cushion cuts but we are seeing signs of solitaires trending again. They offer a signature style that is classic and can look good on any finger.Off-Set Custom Diamond RingsFloating diamond rings have definitely become a stylish option this year and we expect the trend to continue as we make our way towards 2021. They can be made as sleek lines or as tiny spirals. They are mesmerizing and unconventional rings in design and can be created in a number of unique ways.Black Diamond Engagement Rings TorontoThe black diamond continues to become more popular as each month goes by. These amazing diamonds can be set in rose or yellow gold to show off the striking elegance of the black diamond. These rings are perfect for anyone that loves diamonds but wants something that looks completely different than traditional white diamonds.Black is also showing up on bands. Choose a black band with a white diamond since it creates an amazing contrast. Metals that have been blackened such as rhodium and titanium certainly help make the diamond pop. These darker rings can be created in any style from classic vintage to sleek modern.

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings in Toronto

Halo Diamond Engagement RingsHalo rings with an octagonal or a hexagon shape are expected to be one of the 2021 trends as well. These unique shapes show off the timelessness of the design while still creating a different look. These are beautiful fashion statements and we expect to see a lot of them on Instagram next year.Pastel Coloured StonesColoured Stones with a paler hue such as pastel yellows, greens, blues and pinks are becoming more popular as time goes by. Stones such as citrine, aquamarine and morganite are trending now and we expect this trend to continue well into the new year.Green and Blue StonesGreen and blue stones present a dramatic look for a ring and are predicted to be another one of the 2021 trends. Sapphires that have a teal colour with a mix of green and blue are harder to find, making them truly unique. Sapphires are hard stones so they are practical while at the same time extremely stylish. When you are looking for something that is completely different that is expected to catch on very soon, these stones are worth the money!Vintage RingsVintage rings are making a comeback in a big way. These rings have the main focus on the centre stone and are available in a number of different styles. They are perfect for people that value the elegance of the past and would like to display it proudly in the form of diamond engagement rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings in Toronto

Square-Shaped Engagement RingsThe asscher and emerald cuts have been trending in 2020 but we expect a shift to happen in 2021. Make way for square shapes in the next year since they will be trending in a big way. A square cut diamond can appear to be larger and is often extremely sparkly.Remodeled RingsWe are likely to see a lot of clients asking for new rings to be made of older, sentimental jewelry. Family stones that have been passed down through the generations give an engagement ring a special meaning. If you have a ring in your possession with a sentimental value to it, the stone in it should be inspected to make sure that it would be suitable for a new ring. If it is, a new custom engagement ring can be made using the same stone.These are some of the upcoming trends for diamond engagement rings in Toronto that are expected to come on the scene in 2021. Any of the designs and stones that have been listed above can be turned into the perfect engagement ring by a jeweler that specializes in creating customized jewelry.If you are looking for something different this year and don’t want to settle for a pre-made ring, consider getting an engagement ring custom-made. You, along with the jeweler, can put together a ring style that is completely your own. There is a lot of meaning in a ring that has been specially designed for a certain someone.Find out more about customized and vintage diamond engagement rings in Toronto by visiting liviadiamonds.com.

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