June 1, 2023

What Are Two Tone Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

What Are Two Tone Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

Gone are the days of the traditional looking diamond engagement ring setting or wedding bands - couples today are choosing to be more involved in the design and creation process when it comes to choosing and buying their engagement rings. Instead of finding a stunning engagement ring from a magazine or behind a glass counter in the mall, people are choosing to go down the path of creating a custom engagement ring. This gives both couples and individuals the chance to create their dream engagement ring, gives them the freedom to be more involved with things such as the loose diamonds used in the rings, if they choose to use lab diamonds or natural diamonds, and can also create and design different ring styles which suits their preferences. It also allows them to choose between yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold for their engagement ring, as the limits for designing, mixing and matching are truly endless. In some cases, instead of using loose diamonds and other various gemstones in their diamond rings, couples are starting to use different metals together to truly make their ring their own. This is where two tone engagement rings Toronto come in!

What are two tone engagement rings Toronto?

In short, two toned engagement rings are rings which use more than one type of metal in the engagement ring. Forget about engagement rings which only uses one type of metal and are therefore only one color- two tone engagement rings are all the rage in 2022. Many couples are choosing to mix white gold and yellow gold, however any combination of yellow gold, rose gold or white gold can be used. The options are truly endless when creating your perfect engagement ring!Two tone engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular for couples who are choosing to create their own custom dream ring, as the different metals add some interest and appeal to the engagement ring. They are a symbol of creativity, individuality and love, which makes two tone engagement rings the perfect solution for those looking to step outside of the box.

What is so special about a two tone engagement ring?

In short - everything! This type of unique engagement ring really steps outside the bounds of what many people view as "traditional" for both a wedding ring and engagement rings, which is also why this engagement ring style is so appealingto many people who are looking for their perfect engagement ring. This style allows for each couple's personal preference of ring to shine through, which allows each couple to truly find their perfect jewelry. Buying a diamond engagement ring is no easy feat, and you want to be sure it is something that your partner will love while also lasting forever, which is why many couples are choosing the custom design option for their engagement rings. Two tone engagement rings are unique, and allows for endless possibilities for ring creation and design. These unique engagement ring styles are timeless, is a talking point, and is truly a gift which will last a lifetime. If you have never heard of two toned engagement rings before, now is the time to start looking! If you are interested in creating your perfect two tone diamond engagement ring, please feel free to contact us or book an appointment at Livia Diamonds.

Can you have a two tone diamond engagement ring?

Of course. The beauty of two tone engagement rings is that they look amazing with any sort of diamond or gemstone! Depending on what jewelry consultant you are working with, many will have an impressive selection and ideally an extensive inventory of gemstones to choose from - however, our favourite type of two tone engagement ring has to be the diamond engagement ring as diamonds are classic, stunning, and elegant. Please keep in mind if you are buying loose diamonds or natural diamonds from a jeweller, that you are paying attention to the carat weight, whether the diamond had been ethically sourced or not, and that you are visiting an authorized diamond experts. Also remember: you should be getting a diamond certificate for every diamond you buy.A diamond engagement ring, regardless if they are lab created diamonds or natural diamonds, are stunning when paired with various metals in the engagement ring (if you would like to know more about lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds, please click here). We find that the reflection from the diamonds shine beautifully off of the contrasting metals, and it really highlights the sparkle from the gemstone. Two tone diamond engagement rings pair well with yellow gold and white gold or white gold and rose gold, although there is a wide selection of combinations from the metal shop you can choose from.

Is a Custom Engagement Ring Worth It?

How many times can we say yes?! At Livia Diamonds, we LOVE custom diamond engagement rings! We encourage all couples to browse diamond engagement ring styles through both virtual appointments and in person appointments, and take note of what aspects of the designs you both like and dislike. This way, when you visit the jewelry consultant, you have a clear outline of what you want and don't want in your own engagement ring.In addition to noting the designs of the various diamond rings you have been looking at, it is important to also look at the types of metals you want to include if you are choosing to design a two tone engagement ring. You should visit (through both virtual appointments and in person) a metal shop if possible, so you get a first hand view of the pros and cons of each type of metal. The options are endless: from yellow gold to rose gold and to white gold, you need to make sure you are choosing the right metal that suits your needs. You must factor in maintenance, longevity of the metal, and what will look best with the diamond or chosen gemstone for your engagement ring.Overall, two tone engagement rings are here to stay for 2022, and we are loving it! Whether you choose to design your own engagement ring style or like a style which already exists, adding various types of metals into a ring is an easy and fun way to give your engagement ring a modern twist. We are diamond experts at Livia Diamonds in downtown Toronto, and we offer diamonds at amazing prices, and are excited to walk you through the custom design process for your diamond engagement ring. We love to get to know every person who walks through our doors, and we are excited to help you create your perfect ring using various metals from our metal shop. Your perfect two tone engagement ring awaits!

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