June 1, 2023

What to Look for When Investing in Custom Diamond Rings

What to Look for When Investing in Custom Diamond Rings

While many people buy custom diamond rings as an engagement ring or as a special gift for an occasion and don't think twice about the investment opportunity, others look at custom diamonds as a form of investment. Diamonds have a highly intrinsic value, last forever and they are constantly in high demand. You can store them easily and since they are so small they are extremely portable. Diamonds can be worn as jewelry so that not only can you appreciate them as an investment but you can enjoy wearing them as well.Similar to precious metals and the majority of gems, diamonds have increased in value according to past performance statistics. While past performance isn't always a guaranteed indicator, it is something to keep in mind whenever you're making any type of an investment. This holds true when you are choosing the right stone for custom diamond rings.The Subjective Value of DiamondsUnlike gold, silver and other precious metals, diamonds are not created equally. For example, if you buy a bar of 14 carat gold, you can expect another bar of 14 karat gold to look the same and have the same value. Diamonds are unique, however, and you'll never find two that are exactly the same. This means that there is some subjective value in the diamonds and this should be taken into consideration when you're looking at custom diamond rings.When compared to gold that has the same value according to its weight, diamonds have different values which are based on the four C's that include:

  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour

All diamonds are cut differently and they can have blemishes on them. Every diamond has to be valued based on its own merits and this is where things can get quite subjective. Knowing this will help you decide which diamond you should be choosing when you are examining all of the various options for custom diamond rings.

Purchase Diamond Engagement Rings Toronto from a Reputable Jeweler

As with any other type of investment, the less you pay for your diamond the more value it will have. This does not mean to say, however, that you should look for suspicious deals on the Internet where diamonds are offered at unrealistic prices. Instead, consider purchasing diamond engagement rings Toronto from a jeweler that does custom work verses from a big box store.When you go to a typical jewelry store you will be paying a big markup for the diamond engagement rings Toronto you want to purchase. Think of all the rent that that store has to pay if it is located in a mall, the employees that are working there all need to receive a pay cheque and there are many other hidden costs as well. When you work with an independent jeweler that can make exquisite diamond engagement rings for you, you'll avoid paying a lot of these hidden costs.You'll get a lot more value for your money when you search for an independent jeweler. Feel free to ask the jeweler if he is working on a lower markup margin than regular retail jewelry stores before investing in custom diamond rings. In some cases you can get stunning diamonds at prices that are much less than what you would have to pay for at a traditional jewelry shop. This is the best way to get the most out of your diamond investment.Diamonds - A Long-Term InvestmentDiamonds should be considered to be a long-term investment much like real estate. The value on both of these commodities can go up and down over the long term but when you look at past performance, they generally go up over time. The most important thing to keep in mind when you are searching for the perfect investment diamond is to find one that you absolutely love and will cherish for many years to come. This way, you can enjoy it to the fullest while it is also increasing in value.Only Purchase Certified DiamondsA diamond must be independently certified in order to hold any investment value. Whether you are looking at diamond engagement rings Toronto or at diamonds that are only meant to be an investment, make sure that it has been certified. It's a lot easier to sell diamonds that have been independently certified at labs that are highly respected in the industry. You should receive a certificate from the lab and you'll need to hold onto this to prove its resale value.If you are buying diamond engagement rings Toronto, you'll want to make sure that you are buying a high quality diamond that you'll love for the years to come. A reputable jeweler will have no problem answering any and all questions you may have about the options you have for diamonds and how they have been certified.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings Toronto – An Investment in the Future

There is a lot of controversy brewing about mined diamonds right now and as a result the industry is suffering. Many people that are concerned about how these diamonds are mined and the working conditions surrounding the industry are turning to greener options including lab grown diamond rings Toronto. These rings grow in the same types of conditions as mined rings but they are created in laboratories.The future looks great for lab grown diamonds and if you haven't investigated them before, you should take a look at everything they have to offer. They are a green, sustainable option and it’s impossible to tell a lab grown diamond apart from a mined diamond without professional jewelry equipment.There's no telling what the future holds in store for lab grown diamond rings Toronto but it is certain that as the trend continues towards avoiding diamonds from a mine, these lab grown diamonds will become increasingly popular. They are not a short-term investment opportunity but one that you should consider when examining all the different factors regarding the future of diamonds.When you're looking for high-quality lab grown diamond rings or custom diamond rings Toronto, visit our website at liviadiamonds.com. We can answer all of the questions you may have regarding diamonds as an investment and we will help you explore your options for creating the perfect diamond engagement ring.

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