June 20, 2023

What to Pair with Your Lab Grown Diamond Rings

In Canada, gone are the traditional days of a naturally mined diamond curated into an engagement ring, then accompanied with a wedding ring once you have tied the knot. The traditions of proposals, engagements and weddings are changing, and many people are choosing to create their own traditions rather than following the ones that have been laid out before them. As many people are choosing to create their own path in terms of rings, plans and weddings, it is an exciting time for couples looking to get married. There is far less pressure now than ever before to follow the crowd, which allows for individuality and creativity of the couples to shine through. We love to see our couples be their true selves, so in this article, we will look at creative things to partner with your lab created diamond engagement ring if you are looking to stay trendy rather than follow tradition.

princess cut diamond ring clutching coat

Wedding Bands

Although traditional, many couples are choosing to revamp their wedding ring with a modern twist. Instead of opting for a polished band with no small diamonds (either mined diamonds or lab created diamonds) or gemstones, couples today are choosing (to either purchase or create) a wedding band that includeslab created diamonds that are in a unique shape to add some interest and design to their engagement ring. In addition, many people are choosing to create both a custom engagement ring and wedding band, as they have the ability to create a wedding band which is truly unique to them. Beyond this, some individuals are choosing to include a laser inscribed date, saying/phrase or names in the wedding band. This creates a special addition to the wedding band, and is lovely when paired with a lab diamond engagement ring.

Eternity Bands for Special Moments

Another option that is extremely popular in the diamond industry and many people are choosing to do, is purchase an eternity band as opposed to a custom wedding band to pair with their lab grown diamond engagement ring. Eternity bands are stunning and timeless, regardless if you choose to use mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds or cubic zirconia. The only difference between wedding bands and eternity bands is that the gemstones on eternity bands go around the entire ring, creating a perfect circle of gemstones. Traditionally, eternity bands were gifted by one spouse to another to mark special occasions (usually post wedding), but there is nothing stopping you from choosing to pair an eternity ring with your lab grown diamond jewelry.To create a statement, some people choose to pair their lab grown diamond jewellery with numerous eternity bands. If gifting that special someone with eternity bands for every special occasion (such as big life moments, anniversaries, birth of children or new jobs), some people will create a "stacked" look by wearing all eternity bands on one fingers with the other lab grown diamonds in various other rings. Many people love the stacked look as they can pair both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds together (no one will be able to tell the difference because they are chemically identical), while also playing with colour, quality, cut of stone and various metals used. Because there are numerous rings on one finger, the more colours, textures and diamonds used create a more dramatic and beautiful look.

Hand with five rings on it including jade round cut, zoe round cut, aria radiant cut, bella oval cut and marseille radiant cut mosianite rings


If you are looking for a creative and modern way to add some individuality to either mined diamonds or engineered diamonds, finger tattoos are a great alternative. Allowing for creativity, sharing a matching tattoo with your loved one in replace of a wedding band is a permanent way to say "I love you". Today, many couples are choosing to go this route as is shortens the ring buying process, and is a great alternative for those who are money conscious as a small finger tattoo would be significantly less money than a wedding band.Another reason why couples today are choosing to get matching finger tattoos to accompany their engagement ring is to the convenience tattoos provide. When playing sports, travelling or swimming, many people find themselves taking their rings off as they do not want them to get lost or damaged. This is where finger tattoos are convienent, as you will always have a way to showcase your love without having to worry about damaging your ring and loosing it's value. And if you find that your tattoo is fading over time, it is much easier and much more cost effective to get a touch up rather than having to get your diamonds replaced!


Although not traditional, a modern way to style your lab created diamond or natural mined diamond engagement ring is by wearing it around your neck on a dainty chain. Many people are choosing to opt for this sylish alternative rather than wearing their ring on their finger, as it allows people to still flaunt their ring without putting it through all of the wear and tear regular rings may go through when worn on a hand. This is a great option for those who like to make a statement with their jewellery, and those who like to live a very active lifestyle. Many people choose to purchase a chain that is in the same colour or material as their engagement ring: for example, if their rings are made out of platinum or gold, typically a gold chain will be the chain of choice. However, this is not standard and by no means a rule. If you like to mix and match metals, then go for it! The great thing about wearing your engagement ring off of your necklace is that it is truly up to how you want to style it. The options and choices are limitless!Overall, we hope these different ways to pair and style your engagement ring gave you some inspiration if you are looking for a different way to show your love and style your ring. After all, is is up to you as to how you would like to showcase your love!

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