June 1, 2023

Why Should I Buy a Conflict-Free (Lab-Grown Diamond) Engagement Ring in Toronto?

conflict free lab grown diamonds

If you are in the market to buy an engagement ring or wedding rings, you may have started your research into the countless options that are available for both the precious metals and the colored gemstones. You may have come across the terms "conflict free diamonds", "blood diamonds", "lab grown diamonds", and "rough diamonds" and have wondered what these terms mean, and why many people are starting to choose conflict free diamonds for their engagement and wedding rings. Let's dive into the diamond industry and see what the difference is between conflict diamonds, conflict free diamonds and lab created diamonds, and why lab created diamonds are the latest trend in engagement rings.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, are newly mined diamonds from an area within conflict and war, and are then sold illegally to fuel war efforts and fund military activity. These are usually then sold as rough diamonds, meaning that they have not been polished or shaped. The environment that this type of diamond mining takes place is horrible the majority of the time: practices such as child labor, human rights abuses, underpaid workers, little to no training for employees and poor working conditions such as mine collapses and landslides are common. Because of this, many people are choosing to steer away from conflict diamonds when purchasing engagement rings, as they do not wish to support this type of diamond mining.

What are Conflict Free Diamonds?

Unlike conflict diamonds, conflict free diamonds are natural diamonds in which the profits will not have financed any wars, military activities and have also not caused any human rights abuses. These diamonds are certified by the kimberley process, so you can rest assured that these conflict free diamonds are truly conflict free. An allure to conflict free diamonds is in their uniqueness, as every diamond is different. As conflict free diamonds are from the earth, no two diamonds are the same. When you purchase conflict free engagement rings in Toronto, you know you are a getting a one-of-a-kind diamond without the drawback of the blood diamond mining.

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are diamonds which are grown in a lab, versus diamonds which are mined from the earth. Lab created diamonds are grown from a small diamond seed - thus making it a diamond in every way, except for the diamond mining aspect. The quality of these diamonds are generally better than that of conflict diamonds or conflict free diamonds, as the quality control is of a better standard as they are monitored, tested, and go through a more rigorous quality control phase than that of its counterparts. A great example of a lab created diamond is Moissanite. This stone looks like a diamond, is stronger than a diamond, goes through a better quality control than conflict diamonds and conflict free diamonds and does not come with the unethical mining practices.However, this option does not always appeal to couple's, as some argue that because they are not newly mined diamonds which come from the earth, the allure and appeal is not quite the same.

conflict free lab grown diamond rings

How Can I Tell If a Diamond is Conflict Free?

It is important to note that once a diamond is polished, shaped and shined, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a blood diamond and a conflict free diamond. However, it is still important to do your research and know what to look for when looking for conflict free diamonds.

  • Kimberley process certificate: This is a certificate that is issued with each diamond to declare that the diamond is certified conflict free. When you are shopping for your engagement ring in Toronto, your jeweller should be able to provide the certificate for the diamond, indicating that it is indeed conflict free.
  • Canadian diamonds: When looking for a conflict free diamond, many people turn to Canadian diamonds, as Canada is known for producing high quality diamonds which are conflict free. If you are able to know the origin of where the diamond is from, you will have a better understanding of the circumstances and ethics behind the diamond.
  • Find a reputable jeweller: Ensuring that you are shopping and potentially buying from a reputable jeweller is key to ensuring you will be buying a conflict free diamond. If your jeweller is knowledgable about the diamond industry and can provide you with details regarding the diamond you are interested in, chances are you are dealing with a jeweller who is honest and has your best interests at heart. Ensure you do your research on your jeweller of choice in regards to diamond suppliers, the kimberley process certification scheme, GIA certification, and reviews from other shoppers.

What Is the Kimberley Process?

In simple terms, the Kimberely Process (also known as the kimberley process certification scheme) is a certification scheme in which a governing body has identified a series of regulations which verify the natural diamonds as conflict free. This regulation includes, for example, a certification for the diamond that clearly state the origin of the diamonds. The observers for the kimberley process include numerous countries from around the world to ensure honestly and accuracy in the respective mining communities.

Conflict free diamond engagement ring, oval cut

How Can I Find Conflict-Free (Lab Grown Diamond) Engagement Ring in Toronto?

Finding ethically sourced engagement rings in Toronto can be a straight forward thing if you know where to look as there are many options around the GTA. Ideally, you want to go a store or independent jeweller who is an expert in the professional diamond trade and fair trade gold. If they are knowledgable in these topics, chances are they will know the diamond industry inside and out, and should be able to produce specific and important documents for you, such as the kimberley process certificate.They should also be able to explain the origins of the diamond you are interested in. Another key tip is to read the reviews other customers have left prior to heading into the store. As conflict free diamonds are becoming more and more important for shoppers each day, many people will write reviews about the knowledge the sales people had regarding the ethical diamonds they stock, the quality and authenticity of their products, the recycled diamonds in store and wether or not they purchased polished diamonds or not. Many people will leave their reviews when they are looking for an engagement rings in Toronto.Overall, the decision to buy a conflict-free (lab-grown diamond) engagement rings in Toronto is completely up to the couple; however it is a popular choice for those looking to support responsible mining practices. It is a proud moment for many couples, as they can confidently sport their ethically sourced engagement rings, knowing they are making a positive different within the diamond industry.

Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings, Toronto Canada

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