June 1, 2023

Youve Got The Ring Now Where Should You Hide It

The art of engagement ring hiding is the key to a successful surprise proposal. For some, this is easier said than done, especially if your partner likes to snoop around or suspects something is up.I always tell my clients to be very careful where they hide their ring – not only because I don’t want their loved one to find the ring, but also because I don’t want them to forget where they hid it! Plus, it will spoil the surprise.The key to a good hiding place is something that is secure and a place that you know your partner is unlikely to look.


Here are some places where you might want to consider hiding your custom engagement ring:

  1. In your work bench: Hiding the engagement ring in your work bench or somewhere in the garage is a good spot – let’s just hope your partner doesn’t feel handy and go looking for tools to fix things around the house.
  2. With a trusted family member/friend: One of the best places to hide an engagement ring is with a trusted friend or family member. They can keep the ring at their home, making it virtually impossible for your loved one to find.
  3. Sock drawer: How often does your partner look in your sock drawer? This may or may not be a good place to hide it.
  4. At work: If you have a lockable drawer or secure area at work, it may be worth considering.
  5. In a box for something else: Disguise is important. Consider putting your engagement ring in a box for something else – a box you know your partner probably won’t look in
  6. Somewhere she can’t reach: Use your height to your advantage. Considering hiding the ring in a place that is out of her reach – like way at the back of the closet, on a top shelf, or anywhere else that is out of reach.


You could always leave your custom engagement ring with us at Livia Diamonds. We know how important the element of surprise is for a successful proposal. This is why we allow our customers to store their ring at our store until they are ready to pop the question. This way, there is no way she will discover it!

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