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Check out these beautiful emerald cut diamond engagement rings:

Emerald cut engagement rings are increasingly being requested by my clients. They have a distinctly elegant and timeless look that will never go out of style. And, since they are not as popular as other cuts, its gives you the opportunity to have a diamond engagement ring in Toronto that few others will have.

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular and have a unique optical appearance. When shopping for emerald engagement rings, most professional jewelers agree that you should be looking for a diamond with a 1.30 length-to-width ratio to get that classic emerald shape. You can also get cuts with a 1.25 or 1.35 ratio – it really depends on your preference and the look you want to achieve. The average emerald cut has 58 facets.

When looking at this diamond cut, keep in mind that it has a lager open table, something that highlights the clarity of the diamond. Also known as a step cut, the emerald cut has been around for more than 300 for emerald gemstones. However, because of its great look, it quickly became a popular diamond cut as well.


Emerald diamonds have become popular with brides to be for many reasons, including:

  • They are versatile

  • It can be styled to match virtually any type of design

  • It looks great as a solitaire engagement ring

  • The tapered edges of the diamond are very secure and they are not prone to chipping or getting caught on things.

  • It looks great on women with slim fingers

  • It’s the perfect diamond cut for a 4 prong setting

  • This cut tends to look larger – for example, a 1 carat emerald diamond looks bigger than a 1 carat oval diamond when compared

  • Emerald diamonds fit well side by side, making them ideal for multi stone engagement rings and wedding bands

  • They are available in very large carat sizes

Perhaps the biggest benefit of emerald cut diamonds is the price. They tend to be more affordable than other diamond cuts – something worth considering when designing your custom engagement ring in Toronto.

To design your custom emerald cut engagement ring, set up a free appointment today. Please contact me anytime with your questions and accept my personal invitation to book your free design consultationThe next blog post in our Toronto engagement ring cut series will take a look at cushion cut engagement rings.


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