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Here are three impressive options that will be sure to wow your bride to be:

While round and princess cut diamonds is a mainstay in the engagement ring design industry, brides to be are increasingly turning to other diamond cuts to create a custom engagement ring that is different, unique, and personal. They are exploring different diamond shapes and designs. One that is growing in popularity is oval cut diamonds. Oval diamonds are very similar to round cut diamonds, making them a great option if you like the round cut diamond look, but want something a little different.


  • They generally are more cost effective: Compared to round brilliant diamonds, as well as other fancy cuts such as Emerald and Asscher, they tend to cost less and cost savings can be significant if you are looking for a 1 carat diamond ring or bigger.

  • They have great sparkle and shine: This holds true even with smaller carat size diamonds. Who doesn’t want their diamond engagement ring to sparkle, right?

  • They can accentuate long fingers: Professionals say that the most traditional oval diamonds come in length-to-width ratios around 1.33.

  • They are an option for men’s wedding bands: Oval cut ideals is an ideal option to include in a grooms wedding band. The shape fits perfectly with most wedding band designs.

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Please accept my personal invitation to book your free design consultation.The next blog post in our diamond engagement ring cut series will take a look at pear shaped engagement rings.


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