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In addition to your custom engagement ring options, here are some of the beautiful pear shaped engagement rings to consider:

If you are looking for a ring that has more unique characteristics and is something different from what you typically see, then the pear shaped engagement ring is a great option to consider.

Also commonly referred to as a teardrop diamond, the diamond is a combination of a marquise cut and round cut with a tapered point on one end and its perfect for the women that loves to stand out in a crowd. They say women that wear pear shaped diamonds are bold and adventurous.

When designing pear shaped engagement rings, keep in mind that the diamond can be worn facing either direction. This allows you to create a different look depending on your custom ring design ideas. Pear shaped diamonds also come in a number of cut styles – you can choose from a slim or wide diamond cut.

One of the main benefits of the pear shape is that it creates a slimming effect, making your fingers appear longer.


Here are a number of things to keep in mind when considering a pear shaped diamond:

  • The pear shaped diamond is typically cut with 58 facets, but it can also have as many as 72 in some instances

  • 5 prongs are recommended – four standard prongs and one protecting the point of the pear diamond

  • Pear diamonds are great for concealing inclusions

  • Pear shapes tend to show the strongest colour when compared to other diamond cuts

To design your custom pear shaped engagement ring, set up a free appointment today. Please contact me anytime with your questions and accept my personal invitation to book your free design consultationThe next blog post in our diamond engagement ring cut series will take a look at emerald cut engagement rings.


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