Types of Engagement Rings

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Types of Diamonds


There are certainly more than three ring types, and we’re here to help you discover your favourite. Browse the gallery below and see what you are most drawn to.


A diamond solitaire engagement ring is a single diamond, typically a round brilliant, princess cut, or oval set alone in a distinctive straight setting designed to feature the stone.


The halo engagement ring setting is designed to encircle the center diamond with a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or faceted color gemstones). By some estimates, the center diamond can look as much as a half a carat larger with this setting.


A split-shank engagement ring is a style that features a band that parts or “splits” gradually towards the center setting. Generally, these designs will have a visible gap between the band and the center diamond. This style can give the illusion the ring is larger and more ornate.


A three-stone engagement ring is a style that features one center diamond, flanked by two smaller stones on either side. It is symbolic of the past, present and future. The side stones can match the shape of the center stone or be designed with a different shape, such as baguettes.


A criss-cross engagement ring style is where the band is split, similar to the split-shank style, but it gives the appearance that two bands cross each other in a criss-cross pattern. Most often, there are diamonds set within the band.


A straight diamond engagement ring style is similar to the solitaire diamond setting, only the band on either side of the center stone will also contain smaller accent diamonds.


The bypass engagement ring style highlights the center stone because the band wraps a soft curve around two opposite sides of the diamond. With a modern bypass engagement ring, the band is slightly split where it connects to the center stone and the band generally has smaller micropavé diamonds inset.

Never forget that diamond engagement rings are more than just diamonds attached to a band. They represent your love, your “forever after”, and they should match your partner’s character.

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