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At Livia Diamonds in downtown Toronto, I don’t have a display case full of cookie cutter diamond engagement rings. I help you design a diamond engagement ring that fits you and your fiancé’s budget and unique style. To help you get started, we have outlined the four basic engagement ring styles.

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Artistically speaking, it can be compared to the Mona Lisa. The classic diamond solitaire engagement ring. The most classic of classic engagement ring styles is a round diamond solitaire in a simple band. Another popular classic diamond is a princess cut solitaire, in a simple band (an oval cut engagement ring may also be considered a classic style). Band colors can vary from white gold to platinum to gold. One more classic setting that I’d like to mention is the three-stone diamond engagement ring. Three diamonds are set horizontally in a row with the larger stone in the center, set in a simple band. This is meant to symbolize your past, present and future together.


Today, modern and contemporary diamonds are cut to be “brilliant” and feature cuts like princess and round brilliant in sleek, clean and straightforward settings. Modern diamonds are cut in a way that increases their “sparkle” and color as much as possible and often celebrate minimalism and the innovative use of materials such as variations in the metal used for the ring’s band, like platinum and gold. Modern two-tone diamond engagement rings are in vogue. Contemporary or modern ring designs are more about simple and uncluttered looks that are anchored by prong setting, tension setting, bezel setting, halo setting and pave setting.


The original vintage diamond engagement ring is rich and intricate with diamonds cut in such a way that they would sparkle in dim or low lighting because they were cut for candlelight. To be a true antique, a vintage ring must be at least 100 years old, but you can have a custom designed vintage look that features better diamonds and stronger metals. Vintage and antique designs are statement makers, so it’s important to know that your fiancée-to-be is definitely into this particular style. Pick from several eras such as: Art Deco, Victorian and Etruscan.


As antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings continue to rise in popularity, there has been more interest in a special design element called a Filigree, often considered an antique design. Filigree rings offer a delicate, lacy beauty and a decidedly vintage appearance. In the jewellery design world, Filigree has a very specific meaning: A delicate embellishment in which fine, pliable threads of precious metal, either white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum or palladium, are intertwined or curled into the custom ring design.

Never forget that diamond engagement rings are more than just diamonds attached to a band. They represent your love, your “forever after”, and they should match your partner’s character.

At Livia Diamonds in downtown Toronto, I can help you pick the right style for your engagement ring that fits your budget, but you’ll make the decisions while I guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable style and shape. Book your free consultation with Aret today and get started on the path to a perfect proposal!


Find your engagement ring in Toronto! You can visit us at our custom engagement ring design studio located in downtown Toronto. Click here for Livia Diamonds Engagement Rings in Toronto.

Although our service is by appointment only, all of our consultations are absolutely free. We promise never to make you feel like you’re browsing at a car lot for your engagement ring. I’m Aret, the owner, and I will show you how to impress her with a ring that looks like you spent $20,000 when you only spent $6,000. You’re kindly invited to book your free design consultation here.


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